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hi there— i'm lindsey eryn. the heading above really says it all. i write. i design. and, i do business. my mission in this life is to make beautiful things, create memorable experiences, and pass on the torch of courage to other dreamers and daring believers. we're all in this together. 


Podcaster, Speaker

Podcaster,           Speaker


Lindsey Eryn

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EPISODE NO. 130 of THE DARING ROMANTICS be content with where you are right now. nothing you achieve or receive will complete you.  here, in this moment, even as you wait for dreams and promises— you are complete. you have everything you need.  it’s a choice to see that.  right now, in this moment, even if you are […]


EPISODE NO. 129 of THE DARING ROMANTICS as dreamers, if we want to see the magic happen in our lives, if we want to see ourselves push the boundaries of what is possible, if we want to disrupt culture with our ideas — then we have to live with expectancy. we have to take the […]


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THE DARING ROMANTICS— EPISODE NO. 126 in attempts to find a strong quote to start this off— i made my way to and typed in ‘quotes about the critic’. i found some quotes that brought conviction and some that made me laugh (thank you, mark twain). and, well, what better way to start a blog post […]


EPISODE No. 125 THE DARING ROMANTICS a couple of weeks ago, after listening to one too many philosophical talks on youtube, i started feeling convicted that as leaders we need to own our ideas, and not allow our ideas to own us. as the weeks, went on— i realized that this idea also applied to […]


  hello my friends, and welcome to episode number 123 of the daring romantics with lindsey eryn! and, i’m lindsey eryn. all right, so i am back — i’ve got lots of thoughts. i always have thoughts, but i feel like i especially have a lot of thoughts every single day. i recently got active […]

  Hello, my friends! …and welcome to episode number 124 of the daring romantic with Lindsey Eryn, and — I’m Lindsey Eryn. so, last week I went to Joshua Tree in Palm Desert for a couple of days. I actually extended my trip, because we got to our second Hotel — so me and my […]