that’s when she saw the impossible happen

song: pieces by amanda cook

read time: 3 minutes

every now and then i experience these ordinary moments that are divine in every sense of the meaning. yesterday, as i was working away at my local coffeeshop i had one. i was in total work mode— trying to hurry to get a few blogs written for some clients and wild hearts. i couldn’t decide on a title so i decided to text my best friend and asked her which title she thought more people would click on— hey! we all need someone to bounce our ideas off of! as i was going to type in lou’s name, another name kept popping up in the “to” box. it happened three times. after finally sending a text to lou, i felt a tug to text the girl whose name kept popping up. while it had been years since the last time i had talked to her, i knew messaging her was necessary. i wasn’t sure why, but i knew i needed to send something. the text was nothing extravagant— just a simple reminder that she was loved and God wasn’t going to go back on his promises to her.

a few hours later, i received a text back from her saying “thank you! i had been begging God for encouragement and then your text came… at just the right moment.”

can i be honest? this wrecks me.

the whole time, i was trying to text lou i felt as if my fingers were faulty, as if my fingers were going crazy at the end of the day with typos. but the whole time, God was trying to get my attention. God was moving my fingers at just the right angle for someone else’s name to come into my view. He allowed me to type in someone else’s name three times— that’s not an accident.

sometimes, we need moments like yesterday to remember that God’s love is wild for us. he’ll go to great lengths to show you that he loves you, that he cares about you, that he’s fighting for you. his love isn’t passive, it’s never disengaged, it’s always present. God will change someone else’s day to bring you the hope, the encouragement, and the strength you need to carry on.

i don’t know where you are, what battles you are facing, what you are believing for, or what you’ve been crying out to God lately— but whatever is going in your world, you are not forgotten. God has his eyes on you. cling to hope. when you feel like you’re at your wits end, when you feel like you can’t carry on, hold on just a little longer— that’s what faith is. when you don’t understand what is going on, embrace what God is doing knowing that his love for you is greater than your heart (your fears, your insecurities, your doubts, and your struggles). God’s love for you is wild.

God is love— and love keeps its promises. God isn’t going to let you down. not this time, not anytime. he’ll show up faithful every time.

personally, every time i feel like i don’t know if i have the strength left in me to believe in the promises God has given me — i find myself at romans 4 re-reading abraham’s story. this line gets me every time— “when everything was hopeless, abraham believed anyway.” abraham didn’t live on the basis of what he could do, but on what God said he would do. “abraham didn’t focus on the his own impotence and say, ‘it’s hopeless’… he didn’t tiptoe around God’s promises asking cautiously skeptical question. He plunged into the promise and came up strong, ready for God, sure that God would make god on what he had said.”

if you don’t know the story— it ends well. God made good on his promises to abraham and he saw the impossible happen.

i understand how hard it is to have faith for something that seems impossible, i understand growing tired of waiting on God, i understand running out of hope — i understand it all. while, i understand the complexities and hardships of faith— i choose to believe anyway. i choose to follow abraham’s lead.

i wanted something for my friend to have and look at often— to remind her to cling to hope believe against all odds— so i made her a screen saver. i want you to have it too.

 Tap to save or Right click to save. Tap to save or Right click to save.

trust God, his intentions for you are pure. praise him even when you don’t understand, even when nothing makes sense. your praise will fuel your faith and pave the way for the impossible to happen.


and as a side note, never be afraid to send a text to someone out of nowhere. you never know what will happen. the Holy Spirit is constantly trying to get our attention, he’s constantly trying to work in and through us— be aware. don’t underestimate the ordinary moments that he uses to create something divine.