overcoming fear and making magic!

episode no. 2

the daring romantics podcast

the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. however, too often — many of us sit on the sidelines of life with our ideas. we sit still waiting for the “right time”, scared of failing, and waiting for all the pieces to come perfectly together.

but, what if we stopped waiting — what if we got off the sidelines and just dived into creating? and figured it out along the way?

because — i think that’s what we were meant to do. when i think about creation— it’s supposed to be fun, playful, full of discovery and exploration. but, too often— we’re treating it with such a serious posture. intimidated by it. meanwhile, we’re missing out on the very thing that we were created to do.

we were created to create.

we’re here on this earth —
not just to live out a mundane routine and binge on netflix.
but we’re here to fulfill a purpose.

so, what’s that thing? that idea? that dream? that you’ve been wanting to create, produce, and launch into the world?

it’s time to start going after it.
there’s no time to waste.

the world needs the ideas that are inside of you.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m talking about the roadblocks — fear, perfectionism, the fear of failing, the unknown—  that hold many of us back and on the sidelines and how we can over come them in order to create magic in the world. you can listen to the episode, here.

if there’s one thing that i hope you walk away with this week, it’s this: TRUST YOUR CREATIVITY. 

you’ve got this.
you were born to create.
you were born to leave a lasting legacy.

cheers and xo’s,