the next right thing

Episode no. 1

the daring romantics podcast

this past season, i’ve been experiencing a lot of change. change is good — but, it’s hard. right? i’m pretty sure, we’ve all been there once or twice before.

but, what i love about the changing of seasons is that usually something new and beautiful is birthed from it. for instance, right now, in many parts of the country (minus san diego which is still acting like it’s still summer) — leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground. but, with this change — comes beautiful scenes, chilly fall weather, warm drinks + the beginning of community gatherings.

okay, so— what am i getting at?

something beautiful has been birthed from my season of change and figuring life out — a podcast, the daring romantics. it’s a business + lifestyle podcast created for the dreamers, visionaries + idea people who dare to move mountains, disrupt culture, and live well.

you see, i really want to bring the magic + wonder back into my life. and, my guess is— i’m not alone in this.

so, this podcast, the daring romantics — is less about the “how to’s” of entrepreneurship and more about the heart and soul of it all. it’s conversation about building something, bringing restoration to our souls, and living well throughout the process of creating.

we’re all in this together, friend.

and, i think that when we embrace our humanity and our story — we can share it in a way that creates transformation wherever we go. so, i’m embarking on this new journey— crossing my fingers that you come with me.

today, i released the first episode titled “the next right thing” — which is all about the question i have been asking myself in this season of life — “what is the next right thing?”

wherever you are in life, whatever season of life you find yourself in — i hope that this podcast can be soothing to your soul.

you can follow along and listen on iTunes by searching for “the daring romantics”.

take a listen, subscribe, and leave a review — i’d love to hear your thoughts!!

so much love to you.


lindsey eryn