pace yourself



it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

— confucius

for the most part — i love to learn things on my own. i feel like when i do, the lessons are engraved into the fabrics of my being. they become my truths. but, if there’s one thing i wish — it’s this — i wish someone would have told me to pace myself in my journey of creating.

i wish that someone would have told me that it was okay to go a little slower. that it wasn’t weak.

we live in such a fast paced world — everything happens within minutes, seconds, milliseconds. we work, and we want to see results. we want to see the fruits of our labor. and when we don’t see something happen— we work harder, produce more, and ramp up our efforts in order to see things move forward.

we see the people around us moving at lightening speeds — so, we run as fast as we can towards our goals in efforts to keep up. to stay in the proverbial race.

but, the race — it can be tiring.

and, too many times, we don’t listen to our bodies when it says “slow down”, “let me rest”, “i need a breather”. we push— harder and harder. thinking that if we slow down— then we’re weak. if we slow down we’re not as strong, as powerful as the people running beside us.

but — gosh. that’s just not true.

i’ve learned that.

the hard way (and, in more ways than one.)

in today’s episode of the daring romantics, i’m opening up about this past season of my life — the burnout i experienced and i really wish that someone would have come along side of me and told me “lindsey, pace yourself.”

my greatest hope is that after this episode, you’ll feel refreshed and have a sigh of relief that it’s okay to pace yourself and not run at full speed all the time.

this one is for the doers, the dreamers, the humans who want to move mountains and make it to the finish line strong.

you can listen to the episode on iTunes, here.

and, please —write me. tell me what you think. what you’re experiences have been.

we’re all in this together, friends.


lindsey eryn