how we walk with the broken > how we sit with the great


of the daring romantics

when glass breaks, we always take steps backwards so that we don’t cut ourselves or get hurt. we move away. and too often, how we treat broken glass is how we treat broken people. we distance ourselves so we don’t get caught up in their mess, so we don’t get hurt, so we don’t become damaged by loving them. but, if there’s one thing that i believe— it’s this: we were created to take steps towards the broken pieces of humanity.

what i’ve learned in my life is this —everyone has a heartache, everyone has a secret, everyone has something messy that they try to hide away, everybody has a hole they are trying to fill.

no one is perfect. no one has it all together.

we’re all just humans — drenched with humanity, not perfection.

and, all of us— have the same desire: to be seen. to be noticed. to know that we’re not forgotten. to know that we matter.

this week on #thedaringromantics podcast— i’m talking about how you walk with the broken is more important than how you sit with the great. and why we as dreamers, entrepreneurs, and daring believers ought to be the first ones to take steps towards the broken pieces of humanity and notice people, like really notice them.

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we’re all in this together.


lindsey eryn