new year, new word



i haven’t always been person of tradition. to be honest, i used to think tradition was so pointless — like a stale habit. but, one day — i heard someone explain the beauty and importance of tradition and it changed everything for me.

you see, tradition — it keeps us on track, it guides us, it reminds of who we are, and our heritage.

in the busy pace of life— between work, dreaming, relationships and everything else that comes with being human — it’s so easy to get caught up in the moments and circumstances of life and forget the beautiful truths of who we are, why we’re here on this earth, and what we are capable of.

when we take time out of the busy day-to-day and allow ourselves the opportunity to focus on tradition — we in turn give ourselves the space to preserve the fire within us and remember who we are and who we are meant to be.

this week on the daring romantics podcast, i’m sharing the year-end tradition that i have incorporated into my life that has kept me grounded and allowed me to flourish in all areas of my life including in my business.

the tradition is simple— choose a word, just one word. and hold onto it for 365 days and allow it to be the force that guides you and anchors you as you pursue your world ideas.

i’m sharing everything about this tradition on the podcast — why i started it, how’s it’s helped me and changed my life + business, and the word i have chosen for to hold onto for 2018.

i challenge you — listen to the episode, then take this tradition on as your own.

and watch what happens. watch life take you by surprise. watch your person grow, watch your business flourish, and watch yourself become a stronger than you could have imagined.

there’s magic in tradition.

start listening on iTunes, here.

cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn