how to brand yourself as an industry leader

The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 10

we live in a world where people are looking for someone to lead them.

everyday, people are looking for new people to follow. new people to tell them what trends they should follow, what podcasts they should listen to, what books they should be reading, what theories they ought to be incorporating into their businesses.

essentially they are looking for someone to inspire them to reach higher, dream bigger, and achieve greater.

so, if people are looking for someone to lead them — it might as well be you. because, you’re no small dreamer — you’ve got something to say and an idea inside you that has the ability to change the world.

so, the question isn’t “should i be a leader?” — you already are one. the question is “how do i brand myself as a leader in my industry?”

in this week’s episode of #thedaringromantics podcast, i am sharing how to set yourself apart from others in your industry and stand out as the leader and expert in your field. you’ll walk away from this episode with some  practical action steps so that you can position yourself as the leader you were made to be.

oh, and, p.s. in the episode — i mention a free branding workbook i created called “noticed like neon” that you can download here.

tune on iTunes here + enjoy the episode, my friends.

cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn