time is on your side



earlier this week, i went on a walk—and i realized, “IT’S JANUARY 17TH!” and instead of soaking in the newness of the year i started freaking out + thinking about how *so* much time has passed. i started feeling like i was falling behind on my january goals. the way my mind was spinning, you would have thought it was july 17th and that the year was already halfway over.

can anyone else relate?

to some degree, i think many of us do this in life— we freak out over the time that has passed and begin to buy into the lie that we haven’t done enough or achieved enough.

we let our minds trick us into thinking that it’s gotten late (when it’s really still early) and that too much time has passed (when really not that much time has passed at all). and as a result, we begin the mental battle to stay full of hope while we struggle with the thought that time is working against as we build our dreams + ideas.

as i walked back home, i tried to avoid getting overwhelmed + i took a few minutes yesterday to slow down my mind. and, when i did— i realized i was on track + that time was on my side.

to anyone else feeling this way— who is feeling behind as we’re just getting started, who is feeling the pressure to rush + hustle, who is feeling like what they’ve done in the time they’ve been given isn’t enough — be encouraged: YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU NEED TO BE. TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE. AND TIME IS WORKING EVERYTHING OUT FOR YOUR BENEFIT.

this week on #thedaringromantics podcast, i’m sharing 5 truths you need to know about time + some practical action steps you can implement into your life in order use time as a resource to accomplish all your goals + ideas. my greatest hope is that after listening to this episode you’ll remember that TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE.

cheers + xo’s,

lindsey eryn