my 7 secrets to entrepreneurship

The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 12

i didn’t go to business school. entrepreneurship was never even on my radar growing up. yeah, i grew up in a family where my parents were self-employed— but, i never saw myself as a business person. my plan was to be a high school counselor or to be a psychologist for troubled teens. in no way, shape, or form did i ever plan or intended on entering into the world of business.

six years ago, when i started third story apartment — my intent wasn’t to “start a business”. in all reality, i was broke as broke can be — and my intent was to start a website, offer social media management, and make enough money to pay my bills and book a ticket to see my friends in tulsa, oklahoma.

i’m telling you— there’s zero glam behind my start as an entrepreneur.

along the way, i realized — “i like business!” my world opened up in ways i couldn’t even imagine — and i began to dream bigger than ever and pursue ideas that i had never even thought were possible for me.

after the honeymoon stage of entrepreneurship, i realized “THIS IS DANG HARD!” 

starting something. creating something from nothing. chasing a dream. it’s not for the faint of heart. it pushes you, challenges you, stretches you in ways that you never anticipate.

over the past six years, i’ve had high highs and low lows. there have been times where i felt like i was on mountain tops, and other times — i was drowning in the ocean of dreaming.

there have been times where i’ve thought “i was born for this!”, and other times — where i questioned if should quit and go get a regular job.

while i didn’t get an education in business + i never had a mentor to walk me through how to build and a establish a brand, market myself or my ideas, or how to run business that involved other people’s lives— i had my parents — two real estate brokers who mentored me through self-employment. and while they do not know a thing about instagram and think twitter is called “tweeter”, and while the term “creative entrepreneur” is a new language to them, and while developing a personal brand is a foreign concept to them — they’ve taught me what i needed to know in order to make it as an entrepreneur.

they didn’t teach me marketing 101 or anything like that — but, they taught me something that is MORE important. they taught me the basic principles that every person who is forging their own path needs to own and adopt if they are going to make it (and keep their sanity).

this week, on the daring romantics podcast— i’m sharing the 7 values + principles that have been my secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur + idea maker.

without these 7 principles, honestly, i don’t know if i’d still be doing what i’m doing or if i would have the courage to constantly be expanding. in all honestly, i’d probably be working at the YMCA in the HR department. these 7 principles have been my guide, my saving grace, my anchor, and the things that have led me to experiencing expansion and success within my business endeavors.

my greatest is hope that one or two of these principles resonate with you and you’re able to adopt them into your life as a dreamer, maker, and daring romantic. you’ve got this, friend.

tune into this episode no. 12 — “the super 7: my secrets to entrepreneurship” now on iTunes.

cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn