the one thing all your ideas need



the other day, i was driving home — and i was thinking about how excited i am about the new year and all the ideas that i have and the people around me have. literally, the thought that our ideas have the ability to shape our futures and the world around us gave me goosebumps.

but, then, as always— my mind started drifting off and going on rabbit trails.

i started thinking about how there are so many talented and skilled people out there in the world full of really darn good ideas— but, somehow, they’re always at square one. somehow, they’re still struggling, still striving, still trying to get to success but never reaching it.

i started asking myself “why? why are these really talented people not making impact with their ideas?”

as i started asking myself questions, i realized:

reaching wild success isn’t about how good or how strong our ideas are. 

ideas are only ONE part of the equation.

you can be the smartest person on the planet with the most genius idea and still— your idea can plummet and make zero impact on humanity.

why? because ideas on their own are not enough to take us to the places we envision for ourselves. ideas on their own are not strong enough to carry us to success.

every ideas needs something else— a secret ingredient to be paired with in order to make magic and create a dent in the universe.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m sharing the ONE thing that all of your ideas need in order to flourish and make an impact on the world around you.

here’s the thing: you are fully capable of defying normal and making magic in the world with your ideas.

but, you’re going to need this *one* thing.

get your headphone + tune in — this week, it’s all about helping you take your ideas and make a dent in universe.

you’ve got this, friend. you were made for greatness.

cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn