maybe you should quit


Episode No. 15

our whole lives, we’ve been told things like “winners never quit and quitters never win.” but, what if all those motivational quotes are wrong? what if strategically quitting certain ideas could actually lead us to wild success?

a couple weeks ago, i really wanted to record an episode on “failing forward” for the daring romantics podcast. but, as i started walking down memory lane — i realized how many times i quitted different ideas / businesses / concepts / services throughout my journey as an entrepreneur. i have never thought of myself as a quitter. because, well, no one wants to be known as someone who quits.

but, i realized, i have quit a lot of things over time. and, every time i quit something— it wasn’t because it was too hard or too difficult to execute. i quit because — the idea was no longer serving me, my mission, and where i was headed in life.

and, each time i quit, each time that i stopped doing something that i felt was no longer right— i found myself colliding with an idea that was better suited for me which led me to even greater successes.

this week on the daring romantics, i am challenging what we’ve always been told that “winners never quit.”

because, heck! i just don’t think that’s true anymore.

yes, there’s beauty in perseverance. and yes, we shouldn’t give up just because things get hard. but, when something (an idea, a business, an activity, a movement) is no longer serving us + propelling us to new places in the way way we’ve envisioned — it’s okay to let it go. it’s okay to quit the wrong stuff to find the right stuff. 

i believe — that if we are strategic about what we quit and are obedient to quit the wrong things in order to find the right things — we’ll have a collision with all the right things / ideas / and business ventures and experience success wilder than our imagination.

throughout the episode, i share my own stories of quitting and even some recent decisions that i’ve had to make in order to realign myself on a path of wild success.

more than ever, i believe in this idea — that quitting the wrong things can better position us for wild dreams coming true. in the episode, i’ll go in-depth into the benefits of strategy quitting, the things that hold most people back, and how to determine if you should maybe be quitting.

my promise to you — is to always be honest about my own journey of creating and to share what i know. we’re better together, we’re stronger together. we’re all in this together, friend.

okay, tune into episode no. 15 “maybe you should quit” now on iTunes.

cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn