what to do when you feel creatively stuck

The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 13

i know if i’m honest with you — you won’t mind. so, i’m just gonna tell you — this week, i hit a creative funk and it was so dang frustrating.

i was working on a web project and it was just not working out the way i wanted it to. i had plenty of inspiration, but gosh — the concept for the project was taking so much more time and effort than i anticipated. i kept on feeling like i was in a “creative funk” because i wasn’t whipping the concept out in a matter of hours like i know i can.

have you ever been there?

where you have plenty of inspiration — but still, the idea you are working on still isn’t taking shape in the way you want it to? and it makes you feel like you’re “stuck” or in a “creative funk”? in those moments— it’s so easy to begin questioning ourselves, our ideas, and what we have to offer.

but, this week — as i walked through this experience, i was reminded “creativity is a process and we cannot rush the process.”

i think that sometimes, as doers our desire to “be productive” can get in the way of our creativity and can sometimes keep us from digging deep and getting to our best ideas.

this week on the daring romantics podcast, i’m talking about the creation and ideation process and what to do when you feel stuck creatively so that you can get back to producing the best ideas of your life.

because, i know that within each of us are idea that can shape the future and change the world. we’ve got what it takes, my friends.

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oh, and, p.s. — the web project i was telling you about, it turned out perfectly. the client said that she was holding back tears when she saw it because it was better than she dreamed it could be. 😉

cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn