breathe through it

The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 16

i’m not good at remembering when things happened in life. i always think everything happened when i was ten or eleven — so, we’ll just go with that today.

but, when i was somewhere in that pre-teen season of life, my family took a trip to mexico for a couple of weeks in the summer. we were at the beach one day, when a storm started rolling in. at first, it was so fun. because the waves were getting super big as we body surfed our way to the shore. my two sister and i were having the time of our lives. that is — until the waves and the current started getting stronger than our little bodies could handle.

at the time, my little sister wasn’t the best of swimmers. still out in the water, i swam out to where she was to help her back to shore. and as i was trying to bring her back in, the waves got bigger and the current got stronger. she started freaking out thinking she was going to drown. she began kicking and screaming and using me as her living and breathing buoy just trying to keep her head above water.

i kept telling her to calm down and breathe, because that’s the only way that the both of us were going to make it to shore alive.

this situation might have happened over a decade ago in mexico,but, i think — honestly — so may of us can relate to it on a daily basis.

life is happening. it’s beautiful. then one day, “something” happens. and we get stressed, overwhelmed, and freak. we kick and scream (whether it’s internally or externally) just trying to keep our head above water + not drown in our situation.

and, the “something” — it can be anything. it can be something that happened, a thought that rolled into our head, work situations or expectations, or family circumstances.

but, “something” happens that causes us to go into a frenzy — and, the first thing that we do is— react: freak out.

i know this— because, to be honest — i’ve been notorious for this almost my whole life.

if i’m being honest, i have a track record for getting stressed + overwhelmed with work or life to the point that it really affects me spirit, mind, and body. over the past couple years, as i’ve owned my businesses, not every day has a been a walk through the park or instagram worthy. some days, have been overwhelmingly stressful. i would try to “manage” my stress but, somehow, i’d always end up freaking out and using people around me as my buoy’s — doing whatever i could to stay above water.

over the last year, i’ve come to the realization — “this is no way to live. this isn’t living well.” i decided that— while stormy days may come i don’t wanna freak out anymore, i don’t want stress to be a part of my vocabulary, i don’t want to live a life where i’m on a rollercoaster of being overwhelmed.

because, i believe more than anything that we were created to live a life of peace and harmony, a life we can enjoy, a life where we’re not constantly feeling like we’re drowning.

i decided that it was time to be intentional about creating change in my life. and, over the past few months, i’ve been incredibly intentional about how i start my day and weaving little things in throughout my day to keep me centered and living in peace. 

in a season, where my business is growing faster than ever — i’ve seen how impactful these changes have been and even though hard days come, i’ve been able to stay full of peace and avoid all the mental breakdowns i’ve been known for in the past.

this week on the daring romantics, i’m sharing what i’ve been implementing into my days in order to resist being stressed and feeling overwhelmed and live a well — full of peace and harmony.

my greatest hope, is that after this episode — you’ll feel encouraged and empowered to live a life of peace and not accept the stress as something you have to carry or own.

we got this, friends.


cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn