what to do when things go wrong



when thing go wrong— do you know how you’ll react? when things don’t go the way you’ve envisioned — do you know what you’ll do? when things get messy and tragedy hits— do you know what you’ll say?

at some point in life, most of us have experienced life not going as we’ve planned. we’ve encountered moments of disappointment, moments of heartbreak, moments of tragedy, and moments where things go very very very wrong.

i know, in my own life— i’ve experienced it.

over the years, as i’ve chased wild dreams —i’ve experienced failed business ideas. i’ve experienced loss + heartbreak. i’ve experienced dreams not working out like i’ve imagined.

in the low seasons, as humans and creators, it’s easy to drown ourselves in worry and to feel as if we’ve hit the end of the road.

but, as dreamers— we need to be relentless in hope. when disappointment comes, when things go wrong— we cannot accept defeat as the final word. we must hold onto faith that there’s more to come for us. we cannot buy into the lie and the narrative that things are over. we must refuse to worry — because worry doesn’t breed faith. worry gnaws away at our souls, stealing the glimmers of hope that can get us to a place of breakthrough.

we must stand on the truth that disappointment does not get the final say, we must stand on the truth that we were destined to conquer and to be victorious. we must choose to look at life through the lens of possibility. and choose to see the disappointment as a stepping stone to a victory up ahead.

this week on the daring romantics podcast, i’m talking about what to do when things go wrong. you don’t want to miss this episode. because, whether you’re walking through a season of calamity or not — it’s important that we decide how we’re going to react to a situation before we ever encounter it. so, when things go wrong — you’ll already know what you need to do + say in order to get to the other side and experience victory.

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