the culture you carry

The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 17


it’s simple— yet, so easy to forget, right?

too often we rely on other people, other brands, tribes, communities, or experiences to create the culture for us. and, we kinda end up taking a back seat instead of moving boldly as the influencers that we were called to be.

but, i think more than ever— the world needs us to step up to the plate and be carriers of beautiful, life giving culture.


because, we live in a broken world. full of broken people, broken systems, broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken sense of selves. we live in a world where everyday— life happens, and things don’t always go as planned.

everyday the people we encounter, whether strangers or friends, are journey up mountains and through valleys—experiencing life. sometimes, life includes failed business ideas, uncertainty, financial struggles, fear, loss, doubt, and insecurity.

plato told us “be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle.” but, kindness — it’s not enough. as leaders, we need to be cognitive of the culture that we’re carrying and passing onto people. because, if we truly want to make impact in this world, then we have to be intentional about living out and passing on life-giving and transformative culture onto others.

a kind of culture that when thing go wrong, it says “don’t give up on hope. more is going on than meets the eye!” the kind of culture that when loss is experienced, it says “stay full of faith. a new thing is happening.” the kind of culture that when fear creeps in, it says “take courage. you are strong enough for this.”

so, here is the question: what is the culture you are carrying? what are you passing on to the people you encounter? are you passing on fear, doubt, and worry? or are you passing on hope, faith, and courage?

this week on the daring romantics podcast, i’m diving deep into the topic of culture. and sharing how you can identify your culture, change your culture, and use your culture to influence the people you meet and transform the places you go.

more than anything, i hope you walk away from this episode realizing that YOU ARE A LEADER, YOU ARE INFLUENTIAL. you don’t need a big platform or a massive following to change the world — you just need to allow the culture that’s inside of you to overflow out of you.

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cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn