the waiting game



after arriving in london, i decided to take the underground to meet my best friend, bunmi. after getting directions off google maps, i knew that it was going to be 19 stops from heathrow airport to finsbury park on the piccadilly line. where, i would then get off the underground and catch a bus + make my way to clapton.

the journey from heathrow to finsbury park seemed like an eternity. i was hungry, i was antsy, and i wanted to change out of my travel clothes and wash my face.

despite what i wanted in that moment, despite what i was feeling— all i could do was wait. if i got off the train because i was antsy, i was only going to delay my journey.

i saw lots of people come on and off the train while i waited. some people came and only had to wait for a little bit. some had to wait longer.

i couldn’t help but draw parallels from the situation i was living out to dream chasing. if i have learned anything— it’s that dreams all require the same thing out of us at some point in time. they require us to wait, in patient expectancy. while waiting on a dream may not be fun, while it may feel like you are wasting time or aren’t getting anywhere, or while it may feel like you are waiting longer than others around you— the waiting isn’t diminishing the dream. the waiting, like the train, is inching you closer and closer to your dream— your destination. and your destination, it’s not the same as everyone else’s. so you can’t compare your waiting time or journey to anyone else’s. your destination and purpose are unique.

if you feel like you are waiting on a dream, on an idea, on a moment, on an opportunity, on a connection— do not grow weary in the waiting. don’t give up and walk away. a train always gets to its destination, it’s just a matter of time. wait with patient expectancy — what you are waiting for, hoping for, believing for is going to be worth the wait. it’ll be incomparable, breathtaking, and glorious.

you’re on route. remember that.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m brought bunmi (my best friend) onto the show! which, was exciting, because— hello! she’s my first show guest. 😉 but, between the two of us— we know a thing or two about what it means to wait on a dream. throughout the episode, you’ll get insight on how to approach the waiting season, what to do in the waiting season so that you’re inching closer to your dream, and how to stay motivated when timing doesn’t go your way or you experience setbacks.

my greatest hope is that you listen to the episode and feel like you’re in the room with us — chatting it up and feeling like you’re not alone. we’re all in this together, friends. we make each other stronger. and, when you walk away from the episode, i hope you have the courage to continue waiting for your dream and feel encouraged that you will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, reach your destination.

tune into episode number 20 “the waiting game” on iTunes.

cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn