don’t wish it away

The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 23

i hate hard things.

okay, hate is a strong word. but, i strongly dislike hard moments in life and business.

i don’t even have to define “hard stuff” and you can probably give it a title, because, we’ve all walked through hard things that have pushed us outside of our comfort zone.

whether it’s being challenged in our careers with projects that feel out of our league, experiencing tension or friction with another human being, trying to figure out the next step of life, brainstorming how to solve a problem that we’re experiencing, learning something new that feels completely foreign, dealing with money and budgets, or trying to break through limits in our businesses.

literally, there are so many hard things that we can come up against in our lives as humans and as business owners.

i admit — for alot of my life, i wished away the hard stuff.

i’d come up against something that challenged me or something that made me feel uncomfortable — and i’d dread it. and, more than likely, if you were around me — you’d hear this deep and dramatic *sigh* with a little whine that mumbled “ugh, i wish this wasn’t happening.” 

but, one day — i had an epiphany. if i wanted to see all my dreams come true and accomplish something wilder than my imagination, then i needed to embrace the hard moments that were arising in my life and lean into them. because, without them, i wouldn’t be forged into a person that was capable of holding my wild dreams and ideas.

you see, the hard stuff — it shapes us, refines us, and gives us the strength to break the glass ceilings that we are experiencing in our lives.

so, yeah— walking through hard experiences is still not my favorite past time. but, these days, i can be at peace when i experience hard moments / challenges / obstacles — knowing that if i lean into them, then when i get to the other side of the challenge, i’ll be a stronger, better human. i’ll be more brave, more daring, and more courageous in order to take on new territory and do what people thought was impossible for me.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m diving deep into this idea of not wishing way the hard stuff in life. we need the hard stuff. because, without the difficulties and challenges, we cannot become the people that we were intended to be and do all that we were purposed to do.

tune into episode no. 23 “don’t wish it away” on iTunes. my greatest hope, is that after you listen to this episode — you’ll have a fresh perspective the next time you encounter something hard.

we’re all in this together, my friend.

i hope you enjoy the episode. 😉

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cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn