how to be good at anything (even if you really really suck at it)

The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 25

if you listened to last week’s episode of the daring romantics, then you know that in college— i kept a document on my computer called “rabbit trails”. i knew that i wanted to write book one day, but knew that if that was going to happen — then i had to start practicing writing a lot of words and getting familiar with stringing together thoughts and ideas. i kept this document and used it as my teacher. everyday, i’d sit down and i’d write whatever came to mind and allow myself to rabbit trail from topic to topic. the next day, i’d pick up where i’d left off being inspired by whatever the last thought was.

after listening to last week’s podcast episode, my dad told me was surprised to hear that in college i knew i wanted to write a book. as he winced his eyes and gave one of those parental apologetic smiles he said, “you were, at best, an average writer”.

nothing like the honest truth from your dad, right?

but, in all honesty — he was right. i wasn’t very good. in fact, i wasn’t good at all. it’s safe to say that i had zero natural talent for writing and captivating an audience’s attention.

fast forward, a decade later — and, things have changed.

my writing skills have drastically improved. and, my words are floating all over the internet— captivating people, impacting their lives, and doing exactly what i intended them to do.

i don’t say this to get a pat on the back. but, i share this — because, sometimes, as humans, we put so much emphasis on natural talent. when, natural talent is not the determining factor of whether we’ll be successful at something. 

time and time again, hard work has proven that it’s capable of trumping natural talent. don’t take my word for it though — there have been tons of studies on this. google it.

here’s the thing: yes — natural talent is good. and yeah, it definitely gives someone the upper hand at achieving something. but, a person who is told over and over that he has talent would tend to decide that he does not have to work hard to attain success.

on the other hand, when you have someone who isn’t naturally talented in something, but isn’t afraid to put in the hard work— you’ll see them outperforming even the smartest and most talented individuals. 

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m sharing 7 things that i have done in order to go from a mediocre writer and designer to excellent. it’s not a secret formula or a magic potion, but — if you work hard and implement these 7 things into your life, i promise, you’ll see a shift in your work and skill level. hard work always pays off.

tune into episode no. 25  “how to be good at anything (even if you really really suck at it) now on iTunes. 

cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn