creating a healthy lifestyle

when i started my journey as an entrepreneur, health and fitness was no where on my priority list. i always claimed i was “too busy”. i was on a mission to make impact, to grow my ideas, and bring something into the world that didn’t exist before. i’d work long days and sometimes never making it outside to breathe in the fresh air and often forgetting to eat meals.

i didn’t even think twice about the habits that i was creating, because— everything was fine. well, that is— until it wasn’t. and i found myself having a seizure in a foreign country.

for years, i had been neglecting myself and my basic needs. i worked hard. strived. and achieved. and, it was amazing — but, it was costing me my health.

having a seizure was a wake-up call that i needed to hit the reset button and create new habits and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

i realized — i get one body in this lifetime.

i don’t get to trade it in when it gets old or worn down.

which means, i have to take care of it.

i have to respect it.

because, through respecting my body — i am respecting my purpose, my dreams, and the visions that i have for my life. 

the truth is simple — if we don’t take care of our bodies, our bodies cannot function in the way they were created, then we will not have the physical energy, strength, or capacity to continue pursuing or dreams and ideas. with that in mind, as dreamers, we cannot afford to not take care of our bodies. 

we have to pursue healthy living so that we can do all that we’ve set out to do.

once i came to an understanding of this — i changed my entire lifestyle. i started working out everyday and feeding my body the kind of foods that it needs in order to thrive.

and what i found was that living a healthy lifestyle was actually propelling me forward so that i could be all that i wanted to be and do all that i wanted to do. i found myself going throughout my day with more energy, more creativity, and more capacity to push harder towards my goals. essentially, the thing that i was neglecting because i was “too busy”, was actually the very thing that i needed in order to reach the wild success in my life and business that i desired.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i brought on haven brown, one of my best friends, to discuss what we, as dreamers and entrepreneurs, can do take better care of ourselves and create a healthy lifestyle — spirit, mind, and body. more than anything, i hope that you walk away from this episode empowered and challenged to continually pursue healthy living as you chase your dreams.

tune into episode no. 26  “creating a healthy lifestyle” on iTunes.

cheers and xo’s

lindsey eryn