the rabbit trails

in college, i knew that i wanted to write a book. i also knew that i wasn’t a very good writer. i was determined that one day, somehow, i would make this goal and dream come to life. but, i knew that if it was going to happen — then, i had to prepare myself.

i started a document on my computer and labeled it “rabbit trails”. and, everyday, i would sit down and about whatever came to mind. i wouldn’t set a timer or have any requirements— other than the fact that i had to be faithful to write whatever came to mind. i stopped writing when i felt like i had reached an end of a thought. but, many times — as i would write, i would rabbit trail. one thought would lead to another, and i would let it. the next day, when i came back to my “rabbit trails” document, i would pick up where i left off. whatever thought i ended on the previous day, i would let inspire what came next. there was no overarching theme, and i liked it like that. because, through this fluid thinking i felt like i discovered some of my deepest truths.

okay, why am i telling you this?

because, as i was thinking about this week’s podcast — i missed the rabbit trails, the whimsical way of communicating and conversing.

i mean, think about it. i can pretty much guarantee that some of your favorite conversations in this world are ones that rabbit trailed. conversations where you started off talking about one idea and ended up somewhere else at the end of the conversation. you’re not sure how you got there— but, one thing led to the next. and it was good.

so, yeah. this week, there’s no overarching theme. it’s just a conversation between you and me.

i can tell you though — i do talk about these things:

  1. life / work  / dreams doesn’t always go as planned.
  2. someone stole my credit card
  3. be kind anyways
  4. you don’t always have to defend your point
  5. less is more, and good leaders edit themselves
  6. friday night lights
  7. be gentle
  8. nordstrom’s return policy
  9. appeasing people vs. people pleasing
  10. there’s strength in numbers

while this episode is non-traditional, there’s something in here for everyone.  i think you’ll enjoy. just imagine we’re sitting on the couch with a glass of wine or road tripping up the california coast.

alright, you can tune into episode no. 24 “the rabbit trails” on iTunes. 

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cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn