say farewell to fear

The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 30

if i can be honest, one of the biggest mistakes that i have made as an entrepreneur is making fear based decisions. in my early days of creating, if you would have told me i was acting out of fear— i would have tried to put you in your place and tell you that you were making it up.

but, we wise up with age, right?

you see, when i first started out— i had NO IDEA what i was doing. being an “entrepreneur” or “dream chaser” wasn’t even in my vocabulary. in my mind, i needed a job so i created one for myself. and that’s that.

looking back, i can tell you straight up— i made a lot of decisions based on fear of failing, based on the fear of losing a client, based on the fear of not making ends meet, based on the fear that i wouldn’t matter or have purpose in this world.

it was decision after decision that was based on fear. and the thing about fear —it never leads anywhere good. it’s like a downward spiral that leads to sadness, depression, paranoia, lack of inspiration, and hopelessness.

it wasn’t until i kept on hitting the same points of frustration time and time again that i began to ask myself question and make moves to become more self-aware of the way i was living and making decisions. and, when i took the time to ask myself the real questions, the hard questions, the good questions — i came to the realization that i was making all my moves with fear as my motivating factor. and it was robbing me of inspiration, true creativity, and taking all of the fun out of creating.

i knew that if i wanted my life, my work, and my business to be different and to forge ahead in this world and make big waves —then i was going to have to change. i was going to have to change how i interacted with fear and how i made decisions.

because, i realized this simple truth — when we let fear rule our decisions, we relinquish control over our lives. 

and, i don’t know about you — but, i want my dreams / goals / visions to pierce through the atmosphere and become reality. i don’t want to give fear any power or control over my life. i don’t want fear to determine if i will or will not accomplishing something in this world.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m sharing what i’ve learned about how to overcome fear and how to avoid making fear based decisions. throughout the episode, i share some of my own stories and experiences and weave in three truths that we need to remember and 5 practical tips that we and all implement in order to make better decisions that are full of bravery.

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we’re all in this together, friends.

you got this.

cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn