nothing beats old friends

The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 31

as we grow and progress as human beings and entrepreneurs, it’s natural for us to want to find new friends who are in similar seasons and industries as us.

too often though, as we search out these new friendships + connections, we lose touch with our old friends.

while it’s important to find like-minded people to dream chase with, its equally important to stay intentional with our old friends — the ones who know us, our stories, and history.

because, there’s something special about those connections that we made before we started our careers. our old friends — they know us, the non-glamorous, not-so-serious and ever so silly selves. they helped us get through those low moments of life —whether it was circling around school, relationships, family, or health. they went through the awkward stages with us — and accepted and loved us when instagram wasn’t a thing and we had braces or couldn’t figure out to dress for our bodies. they picked us up when we experienced our first heartbreaks and assured us that life was going to be good. they are the friends who can speak life to us and truth to us, without dancing around the issue. they’ll tell it like it is, because — that’s why they’ve always done. our old friends, they’ve watched us become who we are.

and while they may not be walking down the same path of entrepreneurship and building ideas from nothing, they still play a significant role in our lives.

they know us — better and more intimately than almost anyone else. the history we have with our friends can never be replaced. and, yes, while we can make new friends and who will understand our new passions and desires to build businesses and dreams — they’ll never quite understand our history and story like our old friends do. because, our old friends lived it out with us.

while our world is more connected than ever, it seems as if people are more lonely than ever, too. we talk on the regular about community — and how important it is. but, sometimes, as we progress  as humans— we’re so quick to forget and leave behind the friends we grew up with, the ones that know us, the ones that love us. we come up with all these reasons about how “we’re so different from them now”. but, maybe, instead of finding how different we are— we need to be looking for how we’re still the same and how we’re still connected.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i brought on dalenna kircheis, one of my best friends from college. we’ve been friends for over a decade — and while our journeys have taken us to two different destinations, we’re still connected, closer than we’ve ever been, and living life together — because, we’ve realized that “to be loved is to be known, and to be known is to be loved” and nothing beats old friends.

throughout the episode, we’re sharing some tips on how you can stay connected with your old friends despite the differences you may now have and also some ways to turn new friends into old friends by being intentional.

this episode will be sure to make you laugh. but, more than anything — i hope that it gives you the courage to go deeper in your existing relationships and be ever so intentional with building new friendships.

cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn