self discipline carries you when motivation fails you

The Daring Romantics

Episode No. 34


a lot of times i don’t “feel” like working. i don’t feel like putting in all the effort required to expand, push my limits, or meet the often-times-seemingly-impossible goals that i have set for myself.

i think a lot of time, as dreamers, we get so excited about our dreams + goals and it hypes us up! we get motivated to work + feel inspired by the possibilities.

but, eventually— the motivation wears off + the thrill of making goals a reality fizzles out. the hype is no longer there to wake us up in the morning + remind us to give the day our all. and we no longer have all the “magical feels” we once had to pursue our dreams.

along my journey, i have come to realize— we can’t always listen to our feelings because sometimes they are misguiding + can betray us — holding us back from reaching our full potential. we have to navigate whether our feelings are truly a warning sign or a passing moment of weakness.

too often, we rely on “feeling motivated” + when the “go get ‘em” feeling is gone— we slow down, shrink back, or quit.

but, if we’re going to watch our dreams make impact in the world — we cannot rely on “feeling motivated.” we must tap into something more dependable— SELF DISCIPLINE. 

because, truth be told, while “making magic in the world” sounds whimsical— it is fueled by self-discipline, by conquering self, and not letting your feelings dictate your actions. “making magic” requires us to show up every day, rolling up your sleeves, and putting in the hard work despite what we feel.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i am sharing 10 things that i do daily in order to develop self-discipline within myself so that i can put in the work to reach my goals. we aren’t born with discipline, it’s something we have to learn + practice. but, if we can master it — we’ll be unstoppable. because self-discipline will carry us to our dream when motivation can’t.

tune in to episode no. 34 “self discipline carries you when motivation fails you”— now available on itunes, spotify, and stitcher.

cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn