you can change your story | part 2



as a writer + designer, i have learned the power of editing my work. i have learned that deleting, adding in, changing out words / elements, rearranging, spacing out, and fine tuning can transform any ordinary piece of work to something extraordinary. and, ultimately, make it stronger.

i can’t help but believe that the art of editing can serve us in our lives as dreamers + entrepreneurs, too.

okay, let me explain.

one of the common themes that i hear from people is that they are unhappy with their lives, unfulfilled, and bored with the stories they are living out. and, they go about life feeling powerless — as if they cannot change anything or make their lives any better than they are.


maybe, you’re reading this — and you’re saying to yourself: “yeah, that’s me too! i feel like i’m not happy with the direction my life is going.”

listen closely, if you don’t like where you are in life, if you don’t like the way your life is playing out— YOU HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR NARRATIVE.

you see, too often we become reactionary to life. we take life as it comes, and don’t think about changing things up or making intentional choices for our lives. and, as a result, we end up in places we never intended to go.

but, just like i have to edit my writings or designs to make them stronger, we must do the same with our lives.

i am confident that when we take the time to consciously edit our lives— to make intentional choices, to change our perspective, to develop our character, to take the initiative (and with faith) envision our future, to be conscious of our actions, and to be intentional to act when needed — then we can change our stories + find ourselves living a life they we’re proud of.

there is power in the editing process, my friend.

if we want to live out a story worth retelling, full of purpose and meaning — we have to take an active role in our lives. we have to edit what we’re doing, seeing, hearing so that we can position ourselves for the those divine moments that lead us to opportunity, purpose, and fulfillment. we can’t passively sit back + expect life to take our breath away, bring us opportunities + divine appointments, or clear out impossible paths for us. we have to do our part — to edit + craft our narratives.

we are the authors of our stories — we decide:

who we become,

where we go,

how we see the world + how the world sees us,

what we contribute to this world,

and what kind of legacy we’ll leave behind.

life doesn’t just happen to us, we’re allowed to craft life into a brilliant story that gets retold.

this week on the daring romantics podcast, i’m bringing to you part 2 of “you can change your story”. it’s the follow-up episode to episode no. 33. and, in this episode, i’m sharing 5 areas of our lives that we ought to be conscious to edit so that we may live a life full of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

my greatest hope, is that after listening to this episode (and no.33) that you’ll be encouraged and feel empowered to take an active role in your own life and make your story a good one!

you were born to make magic in the world, my friend. you were destined for greatness.

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cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn