are you taking care of yourself?


Episode No. 36

every now and then, i have these moments — where i think to myself “i wish someone would have told me that! it would have saved me so much trouble.”

when i started out on my journey of entrepreneurship, it wasn’t the trend — there was no “girl boss” movement. and, i didn’t know anyone else who was stepping out on their own and trying to build their own business.

i didn’t have a ton of guidance. but, i wish i did. because, i think i could have saved myself a ton of time / energy / and heartache.

one of the things that i wish someone would have asked me was “are you taking care of yourself?”

because, truth be told — at the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur i was not taking care of myself. i rarely workout, was lucky if i remembered to eat, always missed doctor’s appointments, and neglected my own health and wellbeing — all because i thought i “didn’t have time” to take care of myself.

i bought into the idea that “real” entrepreneurs — work, hustle, and slow down for nothing. as a female in business, i wanted to be taken seriously —i wanted to prove myself, prove that i knew what i was talking about, and prove that i had something unique to offer the world. so, i made sacrifices around every corner — needless to say, self-care + wellness were NOT on my radar. in fact, i thought “self-care” was for the weak — that it was a crutch or an excuse for people who couldn’t handle the pressure of forging their own path in the world.

gosh, was i wrong.

and, i didn’t realize i was wrong for a long time.

because, heck — we never want to admit we’re wrong, right?

but, yeah — i was wrong.

and it took having a seizure for me to understand that.

you see, for years —i felt like i had to choose one or the other, wellness or business, but couldn’t do both.

but, after a real comin’ to Jesus moment that came in the form of seizing on the floor of my best friend’s home — i realized, as dream chasers— wellness is just as important as brainstorming, dreaming, marketing, networking, and putting in the work. because, the only way that we can actually make our dreams become a reality is if we’re well enough to make it happen — spirit, mind, and body. if we’re run down, burned out, laying on a hospital bed, or mentally stretched and weary — we won’t be able to forge ahead and make bold moves in the way we desire.

focusing on our health + wellness doesn’t take away from building our empires, on the contrary — it empowers us to go beyond what we imagine.

so, my question for you is this — ARE YOU TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF?

your dreams, ideas, and business is important — yes. but, so are you. and in order for your dream to truly flourish in the world — you have to have the courage to make yourself a priority and take care of yourself along the way.

this week, on the daring romantics podcast, i’m diving deep into the idea of wellness + self-care and sharing 15 easy and practical ways that we can implement wellness and self-care into our lives — so that even on our busy days, we are taking care of ourselves in a way that gives back to every part of us so that we can continue to move forward with boldness + energy and make impact in our industry, community, and world.

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cheers and xo’s,

lindsey eryn