paving the way for the miraculous


the past couple days, i’ve been working really hard on preparing for something that i want to see happen. one of the biggest projects on my plate right now, is getting everything in order to start pitching PEPTALKS™ to different publications to get press coverage.

my assistant and i have been working on drafts for pitches and putting together a list of contact to reach out to. and, i’ve been working on a press kit.

we’ve been putting in a lot of work, with the faith and hope that PEPTALKS™ will get picked up by different writers and journalists and reach a wider audience.

last night, i finally finished the press kit. something that i had been putting off for weeks, but just needed to carve out time to do.

this morning, when i woke up, i felt really impressed to remind myself and you to pave the way for the miraculous.

you see, as human beings, it’s so easy for us to get caught up what we can see and control that often times as we are working towards big dreams and ideas, we forgot to pave the way for the miraculous.

we forget that experiencing the wild success isn’t always about what we can do on our own behalf, but what can happen when we involve God and allow him to play an active role in creating with us.

because, the reality of the situation— as humans, we can only do so much in our own strength. and, most times, in order to see the wild and unimaginable success that we dream of— we have to open ourselves up to the miraculous.

this week, on episode 127 of the daring romantics, i share 5 ways we can pave the way for the miraculous to happen in our lives. tune into the episode on the PEPTALKS™ app, iTunes, spotify, stitcher, or here—on the blog.

my hope is that after listening to this episode, you’ll walk away encouraged that every dream you have is attainable. and, recognize that the Goodness of Life is on your side. you don’t have to carry the pressure of making dreams happen on your own. when you pave the way for the miraculous, miracles do take shape and unleash.  they are bound to— because, you’ve cultivated the atmosphere with your faith and vision and work.


Hello my friends and welcome to episode number 127 of the daring Romantics with Lindsey ERyn. And, I’m Lindsey Eryn. okay I swear one day, soon, I’m going to record a podcast episode about procrastination, because every single time I sit down to record a podcast episode, somehow I get distracted with a million tiny little things that I would never make time for — ever. like cutting my toenails, or like cleaning between the keys on my computer or dusting my workspace. like, filling my time, delaying what I’m supposed to be doing, by all of these tasks that aren’t really that important. and, as I was literally just doing this, I all of a sudden, had an awareness of what I was doing and realized man, this is very human – like we do this, right?

and this isn’t what I’m talking about on today’s podcast episode — I just think that it’s a hilarious and very human thing that I noticed that I was doing that we all do within our lives. we put off doing the thing that we know that we should be doing, and fill our time with all these meaningless tasks that don’t fulfill any type of purpose, but just make us feel like we’re being quote-unquote productive in some way, shape, or form.

anyways — as soon as I realized what I was doing, I immediately stopped, I sprayed on some invigorating essential oil mist, and told myself to record this podcast episode and stop getting distracted with little things that do not matter.

right? so anyways, word to the wise — be aware of your actions, be aware of your movements, and if and when you find yourself getting distracted with little tasks around the house or within your business that are non-essential — cut it out, and get to work, and work on the things that matter and are going to push you forward and are going to have impact in your life and your business and in the world!

so that is my pep talk to both me and you, because we probably both need it — at least I did.

Okay, so today — I want to talk about the miraculous. and, the idea of magic being in our lives. because, to be honest, this is something that I’ve been thinking about, and I woke up this morning with the impression that we need to pave the way for the miraculous. I think that so often we want the miraculous to happen in our lives, we want miracles to happen, we want breakthrough to happen, we want these big, beautiful firework moments — but we don’t always put ourselves in the right position or cultivate the atmosphere in order for the magic to unleash.

And, today as I was getting ready for the day, I just had this stirring withinside of Me, “Lindsey, pave the way for the miraculous, pave the way for the miraculous.”

I know in my own life there are so many things that I am believing for and hoping for, and so many things that I’m actively working towards. you know, I talk about all the time how faith and action go hand-in-hand — we can’t just have faith for something and hope that some Fairy Godmother comes and gives us our futures. No — if we want something, we actually have to believe that we can accomplish it, and then work toward achieving it. the two go hand-in-hand.

and vice-versa, we can’t just work towards things without believing that we can accomplish them! if we want to do great things, if we want to see great things happen in our life, we also have to have the faith that withinside of us is the power, is the ability, is the authority. and the greatness in order to achieve great things.

so the two go hand-in-hand. But I think as human beings it’s so easy for us to get caught up in what we can see and what we can control, that we forget to pave the way for the miraculous as we’re working towards our Big Dreams and goals.

we get so concerned and focused on, “what can I do today to inch me forward? what can I do that’s going to promote me? What can I do that’s going to advance me?” …that we forget the faith aspect of things. and, the thing with faith — is that you put in the work, you’re planting the seed, your watering it, and you don’t necessarily see things sprout up automatically, right?

in the same way that you plant a seed into the Earth, and you cover it with dirt, and you water it, and you tend to it, and you let it get sunlight, with the faith that it’s going to grow and to Blossom — that is what you’re doing when you pave the way for the miraculous in your own life with your work.

you are putting in the work that’s not necessarily visible to everybody else, and not necessarily resulting in Big Moves each and every single day, but, over time, cultivate the atmosphere for the magic to happen, for the miraculous to take place — in the same way, that by continuing to water a plant, you are cultivating the ground in order to give it the nourishment that it needs in order to grow and Blossom.

and I think that as dreamers — it’s so important for us to be cultivating our land, to be cultivating the atmosphere that we’re working in. because — dream chasing is hard! and, the reality is, we can only do so much in our human strength. which means that if we want to experience a life that is unimaginable, that exceeds our wildest imagination, then we have to allow the miraculous to be a part of our lives!

and so, today I just want to share five things that we can do in order to pave the way for the miraculous to happen in our lives. because, I truly believe that if we Implement these 5 things into our lives, then we will see ourselves blossom and grow like never before.

alright, so number one is to keep the vision in front of you.

I talked about this earlier this week on the pepetalks app and also within my email list, so if you are on those two things you saw me write about this — but I think that this is such an important part, because it is so incredibly easy to start a new year, to start a new month, or even a new quarter, and write down your vision, and then to tuck it away and forget about it and just keep on working without keeping the vision in front of you. and, I will raise my hand and say that I have been guilty of doing this.

and, I have noticed a big difference in how I work and how I move and how I think — when I have my vision in front of me and when I don’t have my vision in front of me.

when my vision is hidden and tucked away and left in a journal or in some random spot on my iPhone, I end up getting distracted with things that aren’t important. and kind of how I talked about at the very beginning of this episode with procrastination, I start filling my time and my space with things that actually don’t matter and don’t align with where I’m supposed to be going.

but when you keep your vision in front of you, your vision becomes like a compass — it leads you and guides you and shows you what you’re supposed to be doing. it acts as boundaries, reminding you, “hey — stay here, stay on track, stay focused, don’t be doing this, it’s not aligning with you and your future.”

Literally — think of it like a bowling alley. remember the days of going to a bowling alley? …and having the bumpers on the edge of the lanes? that is what your vision is! it literally is the bumpers that allow you to stay in your lane, so that you can hit your target, so that you can hit your goal. without the bumpers there, without the vision there, you trail off — inevitably! because there’s always something pulling at your attention and distracting you from your vision.

but when you write your vision down and you keep it visibly in front of you — and what I mean by that, is when you write down your vision, and you look at your vision, every single day, you read your vision out loud, you say, “this is what I set out to accomplish this year or this month, and this is what I’m going to work towards.”

when you keep that Vision visibly in front of you — post it somewhere that you’re going to see it, whether it’s on your mirror, on your computer, on a sticky note, on the door — post the vision, keep it physically in front of you!

When you keep it physically in front of you, you are going to be more likely to hit that Vision head-on, because every single day, you are reminded of what you’re working towards, you’re reminded to stay on track, you’re reminded to only do the essentials, to only do the things that align with you moving toward your vision. it is not enough to write down your vision at the beginning of the year or the beginning of the month or the beginning of the quarter — like, that’s a great thing, yes.

but what makes it powerful, is to review it on a daily basis.

and I think that this is where so many of us go wrong, is because we write down our vision and then we forget to allow it to lead us and guide us. When the whole point of vision is to guide us, is to lead us into the future. That’s why we write it down. when you allow Vision to play a part of your daily life, your vision will guide. it’ll show you what you need to be working on, it’ll give you wisdom in order to overcome the obstacles that you’re facing, it’ll give you hope and inspiration when you feel burnt out and tired and lost and like you don’t have direction.

your vision helps you stay on course! so, if you want to start seeing the miraculous take shape in your life, then this is where it starts — is to write the vision down and then keep it visibly in front of you. start each day by reading your vision, declaring that you are full of strength to bring your vision to life.

and then when the day ends, end the day looking at the vision that you’ve written down for yourself, and choose to honor the progress that you’ve made that day, and then sit in a posture of thankfulness, that all of the hard work you put in, is going towards seeing the Fulfillment of that Vision. I promise you, if you allow your vision to be a part of your daily life, it will keep you steady, and it’ll keep you focused — so that you’re not getting distracted with things that are outside of your vision and that do not align with where you want to go.

without Vision, we’ll inevitably find ourselves running in circles, never getting anywhere. so Paving the way for the miraculous starts here — with remembering your vision, with keeping it visibly in front of you every single day, reviewing it, allowing it to guide you, allowing it to be the compass that leads you.

alright — number two, the second way to pave the way for the miraculous to happen in your life, is to invite the goodness of life to be with you as you work. I start each and every single day inviting God and the Holy Spirit to be a part of me as I work.

I ask the Holy Spirit to show me what to do, when to do it, and how to do it — helping me to solve problems and helping me to think and move with Clarity.

I thank God that he’s in everything that I do, making it better than I could have ever done on my own, and elevating my work and making it influential. I literally say, “God, I invite you into my day, I invite you into my work. come and be with me as I work today.”

and I think the simple Act of saying this is so incredibly powerful, because there is power in an invitation.

the other day I was talking to one of my best friends, and she just moved to a new city, and she’s been trying to hang out with new people and meet new friends in the city, and there’s this one particular person that she’s become friends with and, the girl is so warm and so inviting and says, “oh come over anytime, my house is an open house — you have an open invitation, just come over whenever you want to.” so, my friend is constantly trying to throw out dates like, “hey, does this Tuesday work? Hey, does this Friday work? hey, what are you doing next Wednesday?” …and the girl will always say, “Oh, it’s not a good time… Oh, this and this is happening, can we reschedule? can we do a rain check?” and so, even though she verbally said, “my house is an open house, you have an open invitation, come over whenever you want…” that’s not what she actually meant! because, anytime my friend is trying to come over, it’s never a good time.

and I think that that’s sometimes what we do in our own lives — right? we tell the goodness of life that it has an open invitation to be a part of our lives, and be a part of our work, but then we actually never make time and space for the goodness of life to work on our behalf.

because we’re trying to do everything in our own strength, in our own power, in our own might, in our own thinking — and we never pause long enough to one, practice Sabbath, to invite peace in, to listen instead of …you know, sometimes, we just work work work work work — and we never stop to just listen, to sit in Stillness and listen to our intuition, trusting that sometimes in Stillness, if we just walk away from the problem, then we’ll figure out the solution, because we are silent enough in order to allow the answer to come to us.

but we strive so much that we never allow the goodness of life to infiltrate itself into our work. and so I think it’s beautiful and Powerful when we start our day saying, “Holy Spirit, I invite you to come be a part of my work. goodness of Life, be with me as I work today!”

because in that invitation, there’s also humility and surrender that you may not have all the answers, and that you may need something that exceeds your way of thinking, that surpasses your understanding in order to help you, that you may need Supernatural wisdom, in order to cultivate the answers, in order to help you forge ahead.

and with that said, invite peace into your day! “Peace, I invite you to come into my day and be a part of my way of life. I invite you to surround me, to protect me from negative thoughts and fear.”

this is taking a proactive approach to life, right? because, we know as human beings, inevitably, we are going to encounter things throughout our day that frustrate us, upset up, worry us, make us anxious, x y and z, you name it — there’s something that you’re going to encounter in your day, that can steal your peace, steal your joy, steal your confidence — and if you don’t want that to happen, then you have to be proactive to invite peace in, to come in to surround you, and to come in to protect you.

Psalm 23 is one of my favorite passages of scriptures — if you’ve never read it, go read it. it’s incredibly encouraging and just soothing to the soul.

But — one of the Lines within the scripture says, “he anoints my head with oil, my cup runs over. surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.”

this passage was written by King David who was a psalmist, and he was also a shepherd. and so, today as I was scrolling through Instagram, I actually saw somebody post about this psalm, and show the parallel between, …or show why it says anoint my head with oil and show how that there was a parallel between us being Anointed with oil and sheep being Anointed with oil.

so I’m going to read you what this caption says. it says: sheep can get their head caught in bryers and die trying to get untangled. there are horrid little flies that like to torment Sheep by laying eggs in their nostrils which turn into worms and drive the Sheep to beat their head against a rock, sometimes to death. their ears and eyes are also susceptible to tormenting insects. so the shepherd anoints their whole head with oil — then there is peace. that oil forms a barrier of protection against the evil that tries to destroy the Sheep.”

and, I thought that that was so incredibly powerful — because you think of that parallel to us, right? there are little insects that happen throughout our day that try to torment us. and those insects can be worry, they can be fear, they can be comparison, they can be self-judgment, and self-doubt — all these little things that happen throughout our day that cause us to beat ourselves up and to actually end up delaying us from experiencing our future and really steal our peace!

we all have these times of mental torment and thoughts that invade our minds. just like a Shepherd is proactive in protecting his sheep from insects, we also need to be proactive in protecting ourselves from all of the fiery little thoughts that come throughout our day, or the fiery little moments.

we need to be protecting ourselves with peace. we need to be covering ourselves with peace. we need to be inviting peace to be a part of our Lives, to be a part of our day. declaring that peace is surrounding us — that no matter what happens, we are unshaken. when we start our day focused on peace, when we start our day with inviting peace to come be a part of our Lives — we’re being proactive, so that no matter what happens that day — whenever we encounter something that doesn’t align with peace, we can identify it, and say, “nope! that does not align with the peace that I have prayed over myself, that does not align with the peace that I’ve spoken over myself. I will not worry. I will not be fearful. I will not get bent out of shape. I will not get frustrated. I’m going to remain peaceful — because, I know, no matter what happens, everything is going to work out in my favor.”

if we want to experience the miraculous in our life, then we have to be proactive in doing this. we have to be proactive in inviting the goodness of life into our lives, into our work. And inviting peace to be a part of our days, because honestly that is one of the biggest hang ups for so many people — is the fact that they are tormented by fear and worry and anxiety, and never have the ability to move past it in order to accomplish their dreams and their goals.

so, cover yourself with peace. invite the goodness of life to be a part of your work day. put yourself in that place of surrender, where you allow yourself to experience peace that surpasses all understanding, and where you tap into Supernatural wisdom and understanding and knowledge.

there is so much more available to us, but we have to be willing to invite wisdom and understanding and knowledge to come to us. we have to be willing to invite the goodness of life to be a part of our work if we want to experience the wisdom that it will bestow upon us.

It is a two-way street. just like you have the ability to invite a friend over for drinks and dinner and to build memories, you also have the ability to invite the goodness of life in your work, so that you are exceeding every single goal that you have imagined for yourself.

alright, number three — the third thing that you can do in order to pave the way for the miraculous to happen in your life and business, is to be thankful.

Express gratitude for what you have, express gratitude for what you believe you are going to receive. our gratitude is so incredibly powerful, and I think that sometimes we really underestimate how powerful the act of gratitude is.

I think sometimes, we think that it’s just some silly self care tip, and it’s not. it’s actually incredibly transformative, because when you Express gratitude, something happens withinside of you.

when you Express gratitude, your attitude changes, your demeanor changes, your literal posture towards life changes. instead of trying to be the victim or thinking that you are the victim, you start saying, “I have so much to be thankful for!” and when you start sitting in a posture of gratitude, a couple things happen.

One — you begin seeing the world incredibly differently. Instead of thinking everything is against you, you start seeing what is for you. instead of thinking that you don’t have enough in order to get from where you are to where you want to be — you start recognizing that what is in your hands is already enough. that you have all the tools that you need, right now, in order to get to the next spot. and once you get to that next level, you’ll receive the new tools that you need in order to continue on the journey. you’ll see that every single time that you’re wanting to move forward, that you will be equipped.

because, the second thing that happens — is gratitude attracts blessing. when you are thankful for what you have, you are literally creating this gravitational force that attracts blessings to you from every single Direction. what you think, you attract — so positive thinking attracts positive outcomes. It attracts blessings and opportunities and connections and resources and tools. and every single thing that you need in order to accomplish the dream that is withinside of you. our thankfulness turns into Joy, which turns into hope, and hope turns into belief — and all of that together, creates optimism, optimism for the future.

and when you’re optimistic, anything can happen! they say that your optimism today will determine your level of success for tomorrow. so, be thankful — so that you are cultivating withinside of you the attitude and the posture that you need in order to be optimistic, so that you can rise from the level that you’re at, to the next level — never plateauing.

And last but not least, before I move in to the next point, which will have a great segue — when you are expressing thankfulness for something that you have not received yet, but you are believing for, that is an active faith, and that is powerful.

I think it’s so hard for so many people to practice this specific thing, being thankful for something before they ever receive it, because it seemed illogical. or because they don’t want to be that bold or audacious, or look silly for being thankful for something that they haven’t received yet.

but that’s faith! that is faith in action. faith is the belief that you are going to receive something — before you ever see the evidence of it. So, being thankful for something before it’s ever in your hands, is exhibiting faith.

and Faith — great faith, strong faith — is always rewarded. strong faith always paves the way for breakthrough. Strong faith always paves the way for the miraculous.

that is how the miraculous comes into play in our lives, because we exhibit the faith for it.

if you don’t have the faith to be thankful for something before you ever receive it, then you’re going to delay the process! you are going to delay that thing coming into your life. you have to be willing, bold, and audacious, to be thankful for what you want to see before it ever comes into your life. that is how you experience the miraculous!

so, this leads me to number four — if you want to pave the way for the miraculous, then speak faith and believe. As humans, I think that it’s in our nature to speak what we’re feeling, to speak our fears, to speak our worries, and say, “oh I’m worried this is going to happen, oh I’m really stressed out about X Y and Z.” And while it’s good to acknowledge those things, we need to limit how much we’re verbalizing them.

because our words hold power, and the words that come out of our mouth are the words that we are going to experience.

when we release words, we are giving those words the mandate to go fulfill what is spoken. so if you’re constantly stating that you’re stressed, that you’re worried about finances, that you’re poor, that you’re broke, that you’re not successful, that you’re not as good as somebody else — that’s what you’re going to experience, hands down!

you will never experience anything else until you begin to change your words. because that is literally the command that you are giving out into the world. I think language is also another really important thing that we often don’t pay attention to, or don’t value in our culture. but language is so incredibly important. there is a difference between saying, “oh I hope that something happens, oh, I’m wishing for this, this is on my wishlist…”

verses declaring something is going to happen, commanding something to happen. the latter is speaking with authority — when you say, “I command peace to surround me, I command breakthrough to unleash in my life, I declare that I am financially successful, I declare that I am debt-free, I declare that breakthrough is happening in my business…”

That is speaking with authority! that is powerful. and when you speak with that kind of language, you are activating the faith within you. your faith is just moving from, you know, hopeful / wishful thinking to, no, “I’m a person of strong faith. and I declare that what I see with my heart I’m going to see with my eyes.”

I promise you, if you change your language, if you change your language from hopeful wishing, to a stance of authority and command and power — if you change your language using words like declare, command, I receive — things that are authoritative, you are going to see a major difference in your life!

you are literally cultivating the atmosphere around you in order to prepare for the miraculous to happen. and I get it, if you’ve never spoken like this before, it can feel extremely unnatural and extremely awkward.

But listen — what do you have to lose by taking Authority, and speaking with bold, audacious faith?

if you believe that you actually have the ability to design your life and that you can create a life that you love, and that you weren’t just created to react to everything that happens around you, but you were created to create? then you also have to realize that we create not just with our hands, but we create with our words. we create the experiences we want to see by declaring that we’re going to see them.

I promise you, that if you take on the challenge, to speak faith, to speak bold and audaciously, for 30 days, you will see a difference in your life. I promise! and, I can tell you this with confidence, one, because of my own life — but also, I have been receiving so many messages from people all across the globe, who have downloaded the pep talks app, who have been speaking the affirmations that come through, and who are writing in and saying that their entire lives are changing.

that their thinking is changing, their perspective is changing, their action is changing. and they’re seeing the world around them change, because they’re speaking with bold, audacious faith.

if you’re serious about designing a life that you love, and seeing the miraculous unleash all around you, then you have to be okay with speaking and saying things that maybe feel a little uncomfortable in this moment. that maybe don’t make sense to the rest of your friends or family, because they don’t speak that way.

But listen — what do you have to lose? you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

so yeah, maybe it feels unnatural. It only feels unnatural because you haven’t made it a practice.

for me, I mean, I’ve been raised this way. I mean, literally, since I popped out of the womb, my mom had me speaking faith, speaking affirmations, declaring things as mine.

ever since I can remember. so, for me, it feels completely unnatural to not speak that way, to not speak with bold, audacious faith.

We condition ourselves, right?

so you can either condition yourself to not be a person of Faith, to not be a person of boldness, or you can condition yourself to be a person with bold, audacious Faith — with faith that doesn’t make sense to the rest of the world.

and when it comes down to it, that’s exactly what faith is!

faith doesn’t always make sense to people.

walk by faith not by sight — right? that’s the saying.

because, you’re following something, you’re believing something, you’re saying something that other people don’t see, and it requires faith, and the hope and the belief that it’s going to appear, even when nobody else has the vision for it.

which again, is why it’s important to keep the vision in front of us, right? we have to keep the vision in front of us and speak faith in order to see the vision come to pass.

alright I can really speak all week about this topic, but we’re going to move on to point number 5, which is — to reach out for what you want. originally this point was just going to be, “put in the work.”

but, as I was thinking and writing, I changed it. because — we can put in the work all day long. but putting in the work doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re reaching out for what we want.

Okay, so I’ll give you an example of this in my own life. in May, I launched my app “pep talks” — and, at the beginning of the year, when I was writing out my vision, I said that I wanted to see my app featured in multiple magazines. I wrote down specific magazines that I would love to see it featured in. and I said that I wanted to be experienced by millions of people. and so, I can continue to put in the work in order to make that happen, right, by continuing to post on Instagram, continuing to add features to the app, continuing to post on Pinterest, continuing to talk about it on this podcast, or with people when I meet them. that’s putting in the work right, that’s maintaining what I have.

but reaching for what I want looks and feels a little different. the past couple days, I’ve been working on a press kit, collecting contacts for different journalists and writers to reach out to who work for some of these big-name magazines. I’ve been working with my assistant to create pitches and to create emails that we can blast out to people trying to get this app in front of as many eyes as possible.

that’s what reaching for what you want looks like. it’s going the extra mile, it’s not just maintaining what you have, but reaching out and saying, “I want that, I’m going to get that. I’m going to reach out for it!”

I think so many times we miss out on experiencing the Magic and the miraculous, because we missed the last step — we forget to reach out and claim what we want! if we want something, we have to go after it! We have to be bold in our faith, but also bold in our actions. we can’t sit here being passive or reactionary and “polite” — hoping that things happen.

we have to be bold in our faith, speaking that we want to see things happen in our life, but we also have to be bold in our action, reaching out a little farther than what feels comfortable, in order to grab hold of what’s ours. in order to grab hold of what we’re believing for and what we’ve had faith for.

And I think that that’s just the missing part, for so many of us — is that we’re putting in the work, but we forget to reach a little further for the thing that we actually want. and sometimes, I think it’s because we’re scared that if we reach a little further, that we won’t get it, that we won’t grab it, that we won’t receive it.

But what do you have to lose by reaching a little further? nothing! you have nothing to lose. for me, look at my personal example, right?

what do I have to lose by emailing people my press kit and a pitch, pitching myself to be featured in their magazine, or on their TV station, or in their podcast. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain! …because even though I might get some “no’s” — I’m bound to get some “yes’s” eventually. and those yes’s will lead me to what I want, so that’s me reaching out for the yes, that’s me reaching out for the thing that I set out in my vision to get.

So, look at your life! where can you reach a little further? where can you be bolder in your faith, where can you be Bolder in your actions? LIsten, I am so confident that we’re going to see the miraculous break out this year. That we’re going to see the miraculous break out in our lives for those of us who are daring to be bold in our faith, bold in our thankfulness, bold in our gratitude, bold in our actions — I’m confident that we’re going to see the miraculous.

at the beginning of every year, I always choose a word to hold onto for that Year, and this year the word was “fulfillment.”

and, it’s such an ironic word, if we’re being honest, to hold on to, because this year has not gone the way that any of us anticipated. And, gosh! I’m really emotional thinking about this, but I don’t think that it was an accident that this was my word. and, I believe that there was a purpose for this word. because, I think that right now it is so easy for so many people to throw in the towel to their dreams, to their ideas, to their vision.

so many people are checking out of 2020, and are just hoping that 2021 is better. But 2020 is not over!

I am confident that we can see fulfillment in things. and I’m confident that the reason I had fulfillment as my word was to keep me Tethered to Faith. was to keep me Tethered to the vision that was in front of me. was to keep me tethered to the Habit to invite the goodness of life to be a part of my work, to invite God and the Holy Spirit to be with me as I put in the work each day towards my dreams and towards my goals.

I’m confident that it was there to keep me focused on inviting peace to surround me. to keep me Tethered to thankfulness and gratitude — instead of lack and frustration and feeling like a victim.

I’m confident that the word fulfillment was my word to keep me Tethered to faith. To keep me Tethered to the belief that, even Against All Odds, the miraculous can happen. and to keep me Tethered to acting in boldness — to not being timid in my movements, but to boldly reach out for what I want to see happen.

I always say that my word for the year teaches me something, and every year I underestimate what it’s going to teach me. but this is what fulfillment is teaching me this year — it’s teaching me that fulfillment is a process, and fulfillment happens — but you have to believe Against All Odds. you have to act in faith, believe in faith, and you have to pave the way for the miraculous.

I don’t know what’s going on in your life, I don’t know your specific situations — but I just want to encourage you to not give up on the idea of fulfillment. don’t give up on the idea that magic can take place in your life. don’t give up on the idea that you were meant for great things, and that great things can still come from this year.

because there’s always an anomaly, right?

and so, that’s my hope — that I’m the anomaly. that in the midst of chaos, that I am the one that experiences peace and success and fulfillment. the world around us — literally — the entire Globe, is in a pandemic — and in so much fear and anxiety.

today I read a headline that says that the shutdowns have been spurring on mental health, and that there’s an actual crisis in the nation with mental health because of what’s happening in our world.

but that doesn’t have to be you and me. I’m confident that we can have a different outcome of 2020, but that’s going to require us to move differently than everybody else.

by holding tight to our vision, by inviting the goodness of life into our lives, for peace to be a part of our days, to focus on what we have, and to be thankful, always moving in a spirit of gratitude. to speak with bold, audacious faith, and to reach out for what we want.

I’m confident that if we can Implement these things into our life, then we can have a different outcome than everybody else. and our stories will be a testament to the fact that the miraculous is real, and that we have the ability as human beings to Usher it in, to pave the way for it, to cultivate the atmosphere. but, we have to be willing. we have to put in the work.

Faith and Action go hand-in-hand.

So, my friend, wherever you are, I hope that you take courage today. that you look at your life and you evaluate where you are and where you want to be. and if you’re in a space where you’re waiting for the miraculous, where you want to see real, true magic and breakthrough happen — that you take an active role, beginning to make changes in your speech, in your dialogue in your head, in your habits, in your morning rituals.

So that you can pave the way for the miraculous. because there is no doubt in my mind, the miraculous is no respecter of persons — it’ll come to anybody who is willing to pave the way for it. so, let’s be the daring Romantics who pave the way! who experience Wild and Beautiful Things — even in a pandemic — because we believed for them, and stretched a little further to reach out and grab them.

we got this my friends! there’s magic in our bones.

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