remember who you are

when we’ve gone through hard things for a long time — it’s sometimes hard to remember who we are. if we aren’t careful, the experiences we have can shape us and our thoughts about ourselves.

as we make our way into this new year, i want to remind you of who you are and what you are capable of. because, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you are capable of great things.

despite the struggles that you faced last year, remember:

you are in control. you get to design your life. you have the ability to choose your perspective and look for the good.

you are a pioneer. you are allowed to do things in your own way, in your own time. no one else is on the same journey as you, so follow your intuition. you’re the only one who knows the ins and outs and all the details of your story— so, move with confidence that you know best.

you are favored. even in the challenging seasons, you are favored. the Goodness of Life will never leave you or abandon you. the same favor that brings you blessing will be the same favor that carries you through the fire. so, trust and believe that good thing are happening.

you are audacious. you didn’t brave the waters of entrepreneurship because you thought it’d be easy, but because you believed in the spirit of adventure and you had faith that within you was greatness. so, keep that same mentality. don’t allow the challenges of the year to chip away at your faith. stay audacious— because, anything is possible.

you are victorious. again and again, you are a champion. you’ve conquered hard things before and you will do it again.

you are purposed. you have a divine calling on your life that cannot be canceled or nullified. believe that. as you move throughout the day, cling to the truth that you are here on purpose for a purpose— it’s no mistake.

the journey of dream chasing was never promised to be easy, but it will be worth it. so, don’t give up. when the going gets tough, take time to center yourself and remind yourself of who you are. take time to write affimrations— affirming yourself and declaring who you want to be and how you want to show up in the world.

there is power in your words. so, use them wisely. use them to build your confidence, encourage yourself, and, ultimately, shape your reality.

you got this, friend. you were destined for great things.

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Hello my friends and welcome to the daring Romantics with Lindsey Eryn, and, I’m Lindsey Eryn.

this is episode number 128 and, let’s be honest, it’s long overdue.

Yes — I know, I know, we don’t even have to cover what we already know, but we know this episode is long overdue, because Lindsey was on a sabbatical. and yes, I am talking in the third person because you know, that’s just what I do sometimes.

But, I really value pacing myself and tuning in to my energy levels. and, let’s be honest — 2020 was a year where we had to Pace ourselves. it was a year that we had to learn how to adjust and part of that adjustment was recognizing that I didn’t have the energy and the capacity to do everything that I wanted to do — and that was okay!

and some seasons are like that! and, I think that as dreamers and entrepreneurs, we have to be okay with the fact that some Seasons we cannot do all the things that we want to do — but just because some ideas are put on the shelf, or put on pause, or we have to take a step back from, it doesn’t mean that that idea is dead — it just means that you had to take a pause.

just like when you’re talking to somebody — you have to take a pause, you have to take a breath. that’s natural, that’s part of the Rhythms.

and, if I’m being honest, that’s how we have the longevity, that’s how we develop the perseverance to do this for the long game, to do this for the Long Haul.

by taking a breath, by pacing ourselves, by conserving our energy. somewhere along the way in our modern culture we were taught that it was bad to take a break, that it was bad to take a pause, that It was bad to take a sabbatical — or however you want to put it.

but listen, in my opinion — in my humble opinion — it’s okay! it’s healthy. it doesn’t mean that the idea is dead or that you’re not going to come back to it. But, if we care about something, I think that sometimes we have to walk away so that we don’t end up resenting our idea or burning out. and so, if you’re wondering where I’ve been — that is the answer.

what I love about podcasting, is that your words live on and there is no time restraint on it. like, for instance, with Instagram, right, you have 24 hours to view the stories, but unless you put it in a highlight, thosee stories are gone. But with podcasting — it just lasts forever. so I love that in this space that I have been taking a break and taking care of myself — that my words have continued, and you guys have still been able to listen to podcast episodes. I’ve been getting messages and emails and it just makes me so happy to hear that you guys are still pulling from this podcast and still learning from it, and still involving it in your day, even if it didn’t look the same all throughout last year. but! I have big plans for this year, and I am so excited — there’s a lot that’s been happening, and a lot that I am planning on doing.

so, in case you missed it, if you’re not following me on social media @lindseyeryn — I launched a merch line that goes hand-in-hand with the podcast and with the app. if you did not know — there is an app, called PEPTALKS, which is exactly what it sounds like. so there’s just tons going on. the merch is available at — and you can download the app in the apple app store or the Google Play Store, by looking up PEPTALKS by Lindsey Eryn.

and, we just added – “we” as in me, myself, and I — just added some new challenges into the app for Financial Freedom and how to have a health and wellness journey while pursuing your dreams — and, there’s so much more coming! I have been writing like a fiend and I am so excited about producing some more content that will help you guys and enrich your life.

but! today I just wanted to come in with a very simple message. because, truthfully 2020 was so hard, and the beginning of 2021 was not much easier.

I don’t know what any of us thought 2021 was going to look like, I knew that it was going to be a continuation, but it has been already a roller coaster. and, you know, it’s interesting listening to different podcasts saying that this is the most tumultuous start of a new year that our nation has ever experienced.

and to some extent I agree — it’s been a really crazy year. It’s been a really crazy past — I don’t know — 12 months. everything about our lives and our situations have completely shifted and turned upside down. and I think that as human beings, when you’ve been walking through a hard season for a really long time — it begins to become difficult to remember who you are.

and if we aren’t careful, we can allow the circumstances and the things that we’re experiencing to shape us, and to shape our mindset and to shape our thoughts about ourselves. and so, as we start this New Year, because we’re still in the start of 2021 — I just want to remind you of who you are. because I am so confident that there is something so magnificent that you are purposed to do in this world. there is something that you were created to do that only you can do! and only you can do it, in the way that you can do it! and in order to accomplish your purpose, in order to fulfill your destiny, you’re going to need to remember who you! you are going to need to remember that you are in control — you get to design your life, you get to choose your perspective.

this year isn’t going to magically change and become better automatically just because we entered into a new year. I mean we’re not even 30 days in, and we’ve seen that it didn’t magically change at the stroke of midnight. right? if we want change to happen this year, if we want change to happen in our lives, in our business, in our situations, in our circumstances — then we have to be proactive in changing our perspective. we have to look for the good. we have to take ownership over our thoughts and over our words.

the only way our situations are going to change is if we take action and if we change our perspective.

if we keep on seeing the world as it’s against us, or all this negative stuff is happening, and so we throw in the towel, then of course our experience is going to be negative! then we’re still going to be caught in this hamster wheel of negativity. but, if we decide to break the cycle of negativity that we’re experiencing — by choosing to focus on the good, then all of a sudden, right? it’s Law of Attraction – then we start attracting good things to us.

it comes down to the simple fact that you can’t control everything that happens around you, you can’t control what’s going on economically, politically, in your community, anything! you can’t control that stuff. But you can control your response. and your response is everything. how you interpret things, how you talk about things, how you perceive things, what you’re going to say about the situation — it will shape what happens next.

so if everything that comes out of your mouth after a negative situation is negative, then what happens next is going to be negative. on the flip side — if a negative situation happens, and you look for the positive, and you begin to speak positive — even if it’s barely there — but you begin to speak positive, and you begin to speak joy, and you begin to speak hope, what’s going to happen next is something good. because that’s the Law of Attraction. That’s the Law of faith

Faith believes that it’s going to experience something good — before it ever sees the evidence of it. so go into this year knowing that you design your life. you are in control. so even when everything around you feels so chaotic, and like it’s out of your control — come back to Center. remember that you shape your world with your words, with your actions, with your thoughts. so focus on good things, focus on faith, focus on Joy — because when you do, you’ll have the wisdom and the creativity and the discernment to overcome every single challenge that you face.

And on the other side of that, on the other side of pressing through, you’ll experience goodness.

alright – the second thing that I want to remind you of, is that you are allowed to do things in your own way. you don’t have to follow empty Traditions. miracles do not follow a formula — they follow faith.

so have faith in yourself and your intuition this year. do what your spirit is leading you to do. don’t get caught up doing things just because everybody else is doing them. don’t get caught up wasting time in things that you were never even meant to do.

This year, I didn’t set resolutions because I just felt like — It didn’t feel right this year. it didn’t feel like it was what I was supposed to be doing. for me this year, I wanted to stay diligent and expect miracles. I wanted to fall into the Soulful rhythms of doing things, rather than chasing something. this is just a small example — but I know this was going against what is culture, what is tradition.

it’s tradition to set resolutions on January 1st. yet, for me, it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like what i was supposed to be doing — it felt like a waste of time and energy. and it felt like it was just going to, in the end, shame me, instead of motivating me and encouraging me.

so, what are the things that you’re doing in your life? evaluate. what are the things that you are doing just to keep up with appearances or because you’ve been told that you need to be doing this? then I want you to evaluate. Do you actually need to be doing those things? Are they actually moving you forward? are they actually inspiring you, and motivating you? are they actually helping you get to where you want to go? or they just checking things off a list?

because, if we’ve learned anything in the last 12 months, it’s that we do not have time to just do things for the sake of doing them — and doing things to just check things off a list to say that we did it. if we’re serious about fulfilling our destiny, and fulfilling our purpose, and seeing the Fulfillment of dreams come true — then we have to do what’s right for us, recognizing that what’s right for somebody that you view on Instagram, may not be what’s right for you!

what’s right for one of your best friends may not be what’s right for you. we’re all Unique Individuals on a unique Journey! with unique skill sets and a unique way of interacting with the world, a unique way of interpreting events and working and living and creating — which means there is no formula. if we’re serious about getting to our dreams, then we have to be willing to forfeit formulas and start trusting our intuition. we have to start trusting ourselves and our creativity knowing that — we know what’s best for us! I am the expert on me, and you are the expert on you.

nobody knows you like you know yourself! so trust that you know best. trust that you are fully capable of carving out your own path.

when I chose the name “Daring Romantics” for this podcast — “Romantics” means a lot of things. and one of the words that it also encompasses is the word pioneer “Pioneer.” a pioneer doesn’t follow a path. a pioneer creates the path. and you are a Pioneer. you are allowed to do things in your own way in order to get your dreams come true — in order to achieve your goals. you don’t have to do it like everybody else. so, figure out what that means and looks like for you. and then allow yourself to fall into those Soulful rhythms, staying diligent and full of faith that as you continue to trust yourself and trust your creativity — you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be, and that you’ll experience Miracles and breakthrough along the way.

Alright, so as we go about this year, promise me — promise me that you will do things in your own way — because you are a Pioneer.

alright the third thing that I wanted to remind you of, is that you are favored. I think that it’s so easy to look at the struggles and the challenges that we are facing and to somehow think that we are no longer favored, that we are no longer blessed. that we are no longer special or chosen. and I just want to remind you that the challenges that you face do not take away the blessing on your life. the challenges that you face do not deter favor from finding you.

you may be experiencing a hard season — but there is still favor on your side. and the thing about favor, is that it doesn’t just bring us blessings, but favor protects us, favor strengthens us, favor empowers us so that we can get through every single challenge that we face. so, right now in this season while you may not feel like you have favor on you — while you may feel like you are alone and isolated in your struggles — just remember that favor is protecting you and favor is shielding you as you walk through this season.

I think that sometimes as human beings, and dreamers, we have this wishful thinking that we’re going to live a life that is absent of problems, that is absent of challenges.

but that’s not the promise. that wasn’t the guarantee. the guarantee was that if we stayed in faith, and that if we stayed persistent, and that if we stay diligent — then we would reap the reward.

we are going to face challenges in this life. there are going to be Seasons where it feels like you are walking through fire. and I know that in this season, a lot of people feel that way. but I just want to remind you that even though you’re walking through the fire, You Are Not Alone.

favor is with you, favor is protecting you, favor is making sure that you are getting through this season, through the fire, through this challenge — in one piece. so, even on the days where you feel like things are not going your way, and things are extremely challenging, and you’re just not sure if there’s hope — declare over yourself —

i am favored.
i am blessed.
I am empowered.
I am strengthened.
I have everything I need to get through this challenge.
I am thankful that favor is on my side, helping me get through this, and that I am not alone.

declare it over yourself! Remember — favor won’t leave you when things get hard. favor stays and carries you through.

so, even in the season where it feels like you are walking through the fire — remember that you’re favored. cling to faith, and know that on the other side of this challenge, the same favor that carried you through is going to be the favor that blesses you beyond your wildest imagination.

alright number four — I wanted to remind you that you are audacious.

you are daring and bold and you defy odds, you defy what is normal. so as we’re going through this year — don’t shrink back! don’t shrink back in what you’re believing for, in order to quote-unquote “fit the times.”

we may be going through a global pandemic and so much National stress over politics in our nation, but the favor still rests on your shoulders.

so walk in bold and audacious faith — that regardless of a pandemic, that good things can still happen to you. good things can still happen for your dreams and for your business.

I think that it’s so easy to shrink back just because we’re like, “well, there’s no way that this is going to happen this year… there’s no way that this dream is going to be met, or that this goal is going to be obtained in this year, so I might as well just put that off and hope for it later…”

No! hope now! Have faith for it now! that is the point of faith. Faith is not based on what we can see, it’s not based on what is logical — it’s based on what we hope for.

it doesn’t take much Faith to meet a huge financial goal when the economy is booming. It takes great faith to have a big Financial goal and believe that you’re going to see it come to pass, when the economy is not at its best. That’s audacious faith. it takes audacious Faith to believe that the best possible outcome is going to happen — even when everything around you looks chaotic and impossible.

we are the daring Romantics — We Believe Against All Odds. so this year, don’t hold back in your dreams. don’t hold back in your goals. don’t talk yourself out of dreaming big, playing it safe, and saying, “maybe I’ll do this later down the road…”

Do it now! because if it’s in your heart, there’s a reason. there’s a reason why this goal, this dream, this idea is in your heart now.

it’s not there to tease you. it’s there to prompt you to take action. so take action on those Big Dreams, believe in yourself. believe in your capabilities. we are so much stronger than we think and if we give up when it just feels a little bit hard, then we’re going to miss out on so much of what life has to offer us. we have to push ourselves, to have faith when it feels hopeless — to have faith when it seems impossible — to have faith when it seems like the odds are stacked against us.

and remember that it’s not just about what you can do on your behalf. you do your part — yes, 100%.

And as you do your part, favor will come in and fill in the gaps for you. Grace will come in and do what you could not do on your own.

it’s not just about what you can do, it’s about what you can do paired with what grace and favor can do. and partnered together, through faith, the miraculous can take place.

so, believe that that is possible for you. go out into this year with audacious Faith. don’t hold back in your dreams and your goals thinking, “well, we’re in a pandemic, I might as well scale back what I’m wanting.” no, have audacious faith, and believe as if anything were possible. because anything is possible for those who believe. so as you go throughout this year — remember, you are audacious. you are a person of audacious Faith.

even when the rest of the world is scaling back and playing it safe — you don’t have to. you’re allowed to do things in your own way and be audacious.

alright — number five is, you are victorious. as we go about this year and you are fighting for your dreams and you’re fighting for your goals, I want you to remember that you are victorious.

don’t just fight for your Victory. fight from a place of Victory, as if you know that you cannot fail.

I like to watch time-period Movies and TV shows, and they always, inevitably have war in them. and, one of the things that I notice throughout every single awesome war scene, is that the Warriors go into battle knowing that they have a victory. They fight from a place of Victory, because they have already been victorious in the past, so therefore they are fighting this next battle with the mindset that they’re already Victorious. They are already winners, they are already Champions, they just have to go claim what is theirs.

and so, in the same way, we have to approach every single situation that we encounter, not just oh, “I’m fighting for this victory, I’m fighting to win, I’m fighting to do this…”

no, we have to approach it from the stance that, ‘No, I’ve already won! I already am Victorious, I already am the champion. I just have to go claim my title. I just have to go claim my prize.”

so, I want you to go into this year not just fighting and striving, and trying to survive — but go into this year with the confidence that you already know how your story ends — and your story ends with a victory. so instead of fighting from this place of struggle, fight from this place of, “I am victorious. I already know that I am going to win. I already know that things are going to end up well for me.”

when we fight from a place of Victory, not just for victory, Everything Changes. Our stance, our stamina, our perseverance, our mindset, our faith — everything changes when we fight from Victory, not just for a victory.

so, no matter what you come up against this year — because you will come up against challenges — approach it from the posture of Victory, with a mindset that you are already Victorious. I promise you, if you keep that mindset, Everything Will Change. your experience with every single challenge will shift, and you will see — you are victorious in every situation.

alright, last but not least, I want to remind you that you are purposed. the things that you have gone through this year will not and cannot deter you from your purpose. rather, they are aiding you to accomplish your purpose.

I think that it’s so easy to look at our lives when we come up against challenges, and think that somehow the challenges that we faced now cancel out our future, or disqualify us from accomplishing the dreams that we had.

but I just want to remind you, that nothing can cancel your future — nothing can disqualify you from being the dreamer that you were called to be, and being the dreamer who fulfills the god-given purpose that you were given. you are purpose to do something great in this world, and nothing can cancel that out. no matter what happens to you or around you, your future is secure.

so, as you go about this year, move with confidence, that you are purposed, that you have a beautiful purpose to fulfill in this world, and that nothing can keep you from it. nothing can stop Destiny from taking place.

so take what you’ve learned, over the past few months, and put it to good use. everything in our lives serves a purpose — I fully believe that. we may not ask for everything that we experience, we may not have wanted everything that we experienced. But the goodness of life is so beautiful, and it works in such mysterious ways that even those situations and challenges that we didn’t want, that were so painful — the goodness of life can it turn around for good. using it in order to be footstones to our future, in order to help us and Empower us, and strengthen us.

so even though the past couple months may have been hard, you’ve learned something. You’ve grown. You’ve developed. You’ve evolved.

my word for 2020 was “fulfillment” — and, I walked into 2020 with such confidence that I was going to see the fulfillment of so many dreams and Promises. and as the year kept unfolding, I started realizing, “wow — this year is not what I expected…”

and, as we, approached the end of the year, I was like, “wow — I did not see the fulfillment!”

and, I know that every single time that I receive a word, and that I choose a word for the year to focus on, that the word is always relevant. but sometimes it doesn’t mean what I think it is going to mean. and this has happened multiple times throughout my life. I choose a word, and at the beginning of the year, I have one idea of what that’s going to look like, and by the end of the year, I see that, that has such a difference and deeper meaning — and 2020 was no exception! at the beginning of the year, I thought that fulfilment was all about my ideas, seeing ideas come to life.

by the end of the year, I realized that fulfillment was about what was happening within me.

I realized that 2020 was molding me, it was helping me to experience the Fulfillment of who I am called to be as a human being. 2020 pushed me, it challenged me, it refined me — it helped me to grow stronger faith, and to mature, and to develop in ways that I didn’t know that I needed to.

and I realized that some of the dreams that I have, I can’t experience until I become who I’m supposed to be, until I give myself the space to grow, and to mature, and to evolve. in many ways, there has to be a fulfillment of self before there can be the fulfillment of ideas.

I wouldn’t have experienced that fulfillment, though, if it weren’t for the challenges that 2020 brought. and I’m sure that you can look at your own life and say the same thing. there were challenges that you experienced within the last 12 months that were hard, that felt like walking through fire, that felt uncomfortable.

but I guarantee you, that if you look for the Silver Lining, you’ll see growth. you’ll see that you developed and matured. life wouldn’t have led you through that, if there wasn’t a purpose, if there wasn’t something for you to gain.

so take a moment and look, reflect back. where did you grow? what did you learn? where did you mature? And now, how can you use those things in order to move forward in life? how can you take those lessons and moments of refinement, to achieve your goals? like I said before — life never promised us that we would have an easy go at things as soon as we decided to start dream chasing.

No, it promised that we’d experience adventure, and that if we didn’t give up, we’d reach the Pinnacle of dreams come true.

so, despite how hard the past 12 months have been, I want to encourage you to keep on going — knowing that there is purpose in everything that you experience, and that you have a Divine Purpose and calling on your life. you were created to do something magnificent and Brilliant and life-changing. the ideas that you have inside of you are going to impact people’s lives — the way that they live their life, the way that they interact with the world, the way that they see themselves — and that’s powerful.

that’s worth pursuing. so don’t give up when the going gets hard. know that you are purposed. and know that no challenge that you come up against will ever deter you from achieving your purpose.

I am so confident that you were born to make magic in the world. and so as you go about this year, I just want you to remember that — that you’re purposed. that your ideas matter. That it matters that you show up. when you show up and do your part, when you show up and shine, it gives other people permission to show up and do the same, to shine their light.

it’s a domino effect — you know? you are the one Domino that sets off all the other dominoes to fall down and do what they’re supposed to do — in the most beautiful way possible.

so, show up. Show up this year, give it everything you have. don’t worry about what the future holds — who knows. we can’t predict the future, it’s a waste of time and energy trying to predict the future.

focus on today, focus on this present moment. focus on giving today the best that you have, on impacting one person’s life, knowing that within you, is the ability to change the world.

alright my friend — I am confident, that no matter what happens, this is going to be a good year. and it’s going to be a good year, because that is the perspective that we’re choosing. so let’s go out into the world and choose Joy, and hope. And let’s pass it along — because more than ever people need it.

and let’s wake up in the morning with confidence — confidence in who we are and who were created to be, reminding ourselves that we are in control, that we are the author of Our Lives. That we are pioneers, that we get to do things in our own way, if we trust our intuition.

let’s go into this year knowing that no matter what we come up against, we are favored, and favor will carry us through the challenges to our blessings. and with that said — let’s be people of audacious faith, and let’s believe that anything is possible. let’s go into the world believing that we are victorious, fighting from a place of Victory, knowing that nothing can stop us from fulfilling our purpose.

something good is on the horizon. I can feel it. I don’t know what it is, but I know that a shift is coming.

A revival is stirring, a Great Awakening, this beautiful shift. so, let’s be prepared for it — spirit, Mind, and body.

let’s expect it — and let’s go out into the world and do what we were created to do. because there’s magic in our bones.

Hi friend! it’s me again — thanks so much for tuning into this episode of The Daring romantics, I hope that you enjoyed it, and if you did, please do me a huge favor and share with somebody that you know that you think would also gain something from this episode.

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Alright my friends, that is it! I will talk to you guys next week.