the practice of contentment


be content with where you are right now. nothing you achieve or receive will complete you. 

here, in this moment, even as you wait for dreams and promises— you are complete. you have everything you need. 

it’s a choice to see that. 

right now, in this moment, even if you are still hoping for extraordinary dreams to come to pass, you are living in the glory days. because, even in the waiting, goodness is unfolding all around you— surrounding you with beauty and splendor. you’ll see it, if you’re willing to look for it. 

the Goodness of Life is on your side. don’t forget that. 

the dreams you have in your heart were not placed there to tease you but to keep you anchored to faith in the waiting. so, as you wait in expectant faith, choose to focus on being thankful and content with where you are and what you have. if you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll constantly feel like you never have enough or that life is robbing you of something. when, that couldn’t be further for the truth. 

Life’s mission is to bless you with divine moments and opportunities abundantly — in ways you could have never even imagined. the Goodness of Life will always make sure that you have what you need in each season. don’t doubt that for one second. 

so, here and now, practice contentment— knowing that you are complete. golden moments are unfolding and happening all around you. don’t get caught up focusing on the wrong thing and miss them.  

stay in a place of thankfulness. be content with what you have and where you are. and, rejoice in the way life is unfolding.

as you live in the ease that every desire and detail of your life will be fulfilled and taken care of at the right time, you’ll find yourself always ending up with more than you could have imagined.  

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episode transcription

Hello my friend, and welcome to episode number 130 of the daring romantics with Lindsey Eryn, and — I’m Lindsey Eryn.

So, I actually had another podcast episode planned for today — all about being a magnet for success. but, I didn’t feel like it was a message that needed to be heard today. and, one of the things that I’ve always valued, is just being in tune with my intuition and in tune with my spirit — and just leaning into the moment, and sometimes that means going off course and off agenda and being a little bit spontaneous. so, if you’re down for that — let’s just jump right in.

Today, I just wanted to show up with a simple message. Because, I think we need it right now, I think all of us need it. and the message is this — to stay in it. I don’t know what you’re fighting for or believing for, but don’t give up in the fight, just because things haven’t happened for you yet.

don’t give up in believing, just because you haven’t seen the manifestation of what you’ve been claiming over yourself.

stay in faith. stay in a posture of thankfulness. while things may not look or feel like you thought they would, I challenge you to be content in this season. I challenge you to focus on what you have, rather than what you don’t have.

I wrote about this in the peptalks app the other day, but I think that it’s worth repeating, because sometimes we just need that reminder, right? We’re humans, we forget things so easily. But nothing you achieve or receive will ever complete you. right here, in this moment, even as you are still waiting for dreams to unfold — you are already complete.

if you’re waiting for something to come into your life to Feel Complete, you’ll always be waiting — because no person or opportunity or achievement can ever complete you. because whether you recognize it or not, you are already complete, you are already whole. so adding something cannot make you more complete than you already are in this moment. if you constantly find yourself waiting for someone or something to come into your life, in order to Feel Complete, then you’ll always feel empty. like you don’t have enough, or that life is trying to cheat you out of something.

but that couldn’t be further from the truth! you may not have everything you’ve imagined for yourself yet, but regardless, right now, in this moment, you have everything you need. but it is a choice to see that.

it’s a choice to look at the blessings and opportunities and relationships in your life and see them as enough. it’s a choice to recognize them as Little Miracles, and little moments of Splendor.

I believe that the more we lean into the idea that we are complete, and choose to be thankful for what we have, even if we’re yearning for more, then the more clarity we’ll gain in order to see the Miracles that are unfolding all around us.

which then changed our perspective and attitude towards life. instead of thinking that life is against us and that we’re constantly being cheated out of something, we start recognizing that life is for us, and it gives us the strength to be content with what we have and where we are, and rejoice in the way that things are unfolding, even if it doesn’t match our timeline. I think if we’re being honest, we take too much for granted. we dismiss the Little Miracles and blessings that we experienced each day and we write them off as something that we deserve or that we’re entitled to.

but I want to challenge myself and you — to live in a place of humility, and to recognize that we are not entitled to anything. we’re not entitled to promotion, to influence, to success, or even to wealth. those things are blessings and Little Miracles.

each time that someone shares your work, consider that a blessing. each time that somebody reaches out for a collaboration, consider that a blessing. each time someone books you and you get a new client, consider that a blessing. and each time someone supports your brand and buys from you, again, consider that a blessing.

consider it a blessing and not something that you deserve when somebody compliments your work. considered all the little things that happened in your day, all the little things, all the little moments — consider them all blessings.

because the truth is, we’re not entitled to any of those things. it’s an honor that we get to experience them. I think it’s so easy to get caught up in this “I work so hard, I deserve it” mentality. but that mentality only leads to burnout and to comparison and to discontentment.

we have to remember that the Journey of dream chasing is not just about what we can do in the natural, on our own, in our own strength. but it’s about what can happen when we allow Grace to be the wind beneath our wings. because the truth is, is when we pair our work with faith, that’s when we become Unstoppable.

on our own, we’ll always come up against limitations. but when we pair faith and actions together and allow the Goodness of Life to be a part of our work, then we give ourselves the opportunity to break past those limitations. So, as we’re working for our dreams and ideas, we have to come back to Center. we have to remember that even if it’s taking longer than we anticipated, that the Goodness of Life is on our side. the dreams that you have in your heart were not placed there to tease you, but to keep you anchored to faith in the waiting.

and everyday, the Goodness of Life is giving you blessings to remind you, “stay in it, I’m on your side, I’m working on your behalf…”

but we’ll miss those things if we believe that we’re entitled to them. everyday, blessings are available to encourage you to stay anchored to faith, and it’s a choice to see those moments of blessings. so it’s our job as dreamers not to just work hard, but to be vigilant, and to be aware of our attitude.

entitlement will blind your vision and keep you from seeing the goodness that is unfolding. it’ll lead you to believe that you’re being cheated out of something. but that’s not true. the Goodness of Life is on a mission to abundantly bless you with Divine moments and opportunities, in ways that you could have never imagined.

So, choose to stay in a place of joy and contentment, so that you have the eyes to see that — and trust that the Goodness of Life is gracious enough to make sure that you have everything you need in each season.

when you entrust your life and your dreams to the Goodness of Life, you’ll never live in lack — you always have everything you need, always feeling complete, even in the waiting.

contentment is a practice, it’s something that we have to choose. it’s something that we have to pursue and do repeatedly. it’s something that we have to wake up every morning and choose to actively live out.

so, everyday, I challenge you — wake up and choose to practice contentment

say to yourself in the mirror, “I am thankful for where I am and what I have. I am thankful for the Divine moments and opportunities that have brought me here. I’m thankful for the Miracles that are on their way to me. Today, I choose to see everything that comes my way as a blessing, a gift from heaven. today, I choose to rejoice in the way that life is unfolding. today, I choose to stay in faith and be expectant for what is to come.”

the key to practicing contentment is thankfulness.

so, be thankful for everything — big and small. Remember, your thankfulness will always Usher you into the miraculous.

there’s a verse in the Bible that I always come back to, and it always gives me so much hope.

the verse is Galatians 6:9, and it says, “let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

so, as we journey, let’s keep the faith. let’s stay diligent in our work — being consistent, showing up when we know that it’s our time to show up. let’s stay vigilant, guarding our hearts and Minds, so that when all of the feelings Arise that tell us to quit, we stay in the game and don’t give up.

because that’s the promise — the promise is that if we don’t give up, that we will reap a harvest at the proper time. and that’s the key word — the proper time. and the reality is, Heaven’s proper time doesn’t always match our idea of proper time.

which means that we have to let go of control and trust that the Goodness of Life knows best, and has a bird’s-eye view on everything in our life, and knows how to position us, when to position us, where to position us — so that we experience every single good and perfect thing that has been planned for us.

so, when you feel down, when you feel defeated — remember that you have a promise that you can stand on, that if you don’t give up, you will reap the Harvest.

persistence always wins out, and great faith always makes a way.

So, right now, if you’re feeling a little tired and weary from the journey, if you’re feeling a little disheartened with how things are unfolding, and if you’re feeling a little discouraged by the timeline that you’re experiencing, then I challenge you to take a step back. shake off the doubt and the worry and choose Joy. choose to be thankful for where you are and what you have in this current moment.

take inventory of the blessings that are happening each day. and make the conscious decision that you’re going to stand on the promise that you will reap your harvest, in the right season.

And I am confident that as you live with the ease that every desire and detail of your life will be fulfilled and taken care of at the right time, and that you will find yourself with more than you could have ever imagined.

this is a faith Journey, remember that.

so even when your feelings are telling you something else, choose Joy.

choose to practice contentment. and choose to stay in it — because beautiful things are around the corner. you got this, my friend. lean into the magic.

Because the best is yet to come.

alright my friends, that’s it.

Let’s go into the world this week with confidence, that things are moving and shifting in our favor. let’s choose to be content with what we have and where we are, and choose to remember that we are magic, and that there is Magic in our bones.

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