when it doesn’t feel like magic

i was having a conversation the other day with alex michael may and out of nowhere, i said: “parts of me wonder if it will ever feels like this big “magical” moment i mean, we’re living in our dreams, even now. at one point, we dreamt of being even here… and it doesn’t feel all that magical.”

as dreamers, i think we often confuse “making magic” and “feeling magic”. and, the truth is— when you’re setting out to “make magic”, it will rarely feel magical.

it’ll feel like hard work, fighting to overcome challenges, and climbing an uphill battle.

and, that’s okay.

too often, we question ourselves or our work because we’re hanging onto an idea of what we “think” dream-chasing ought to look and feel like. which, causes us to question whether we’ll ever experience the magic. when we get to this point, we have to step back and recognize we’re living in our dreams.

the fact that we’re here, doing what we’re doing is evidence.

because, at one point, all of this was a dream.

i think that the magic is always present in our lives—whether we feel it or not. but, we’ll miss experiencing it if we’re looking for some big beautiful explosion in the sky or some “butterfly feeling”. i am noticing that the magic creeps into our lives— in slow and quiet ways, when we are diligent and faithful to our dreams.

and you don’t even realize the magic is there… til suddenly you step back and have an awareness of it.

the moment our lives change and we experience this beautiful version of wild success is usually a strand of ordinary moments woven together—moments where we showed up out of faithfulness.

and, we only notice the magic that surrounds us, when we step back and readjust our focus. and, it’s in that gloriously ordinary moment— that we experience the explosion of magic, we were looking for.

if you’re working towards a big dream, i challenge you — don’t rely on your feelings to get you through to the other side of your dream. depend on your faith. rely on the beautiful weaving of ordinary moments — knowing that it’s those moments of faithfulness that weave together a masterpiece.

and, if tonight, you find yourself discouraged— i challenge you to take a step back. take time to be thankful for the progress you’ve made and recognize that you live in your dreams even here. there’s magic all around you, even if you don’t feel it. take a step back, open your eyes — and readjust your focus. you may need fresh eyes to see it.

we are living in glory days, friends.

let’s remember that.