you will never be alone.

song: stars by future generations

read time: 6 minutes

you will never be alone.

future generations is playing right now. i was texting a friend back + wasn’t really paying attention to the lyrics— you know how that goes — but then, i heard that line and immediately wrote it down. i thought it’d make for a good opening line.

because i think you need to know that — you will never be alone. you are never alone.

i think as dreamers / doers / entrepreneurs / creatives / people on a mission / people with a calling / people who wanna do great things in the world / human beings— we sometimes get this feeling of being alone.

i know you’ve felt it before.

how do i know that? because i’ve felt it. and we’re all human. we all get the same feels at some point or another. maybe not to the same degree — but there’s no human feeling that you’ve felt before that someone else on this planet or in the history of the world hasn’t felt before too.

i remember when i was first starting coast to coast central (what is now wild hearts co.)— i used to feel so alone all the time. yeah, i had a business partner— but we lived thousands of miles away and were in a completely different season of life. she was a newlywed in complete bliss and i was a very-single-living-below-the-poverty-line-struggling-entrepreneur. i had all the feels of loneliness. what i needed most in that season was not someone to come alongside me and to the grunt work of building coast to coast, but for someone to come alongside me and cheer me on. i needed someone to come and give me pep-talks and tell me “you can do this!”

because i needed that, i started giving myself pep-talks on the reg.

i started being my own tony robbins (p.s. if you haven’t watched his documentary on netflix, stop a waiting. just go watch it. tonight.)

i started reminding myself of all the people who have gone before me who were ordinary people doing extraordinary things. i started reminding myself of the truths about myself instead of listening to the lies that all my insecurities and feelings of loneliness were telling me.

the pep-talks kept me going.

and, yeah, i was giving them to myself — but who says you can’t be your own cheerleader, too?

heck! you can do whatever you want.

infact, i think that it’s true — you have to be your own cheerleader first. or else, your dream becomes dependent on other people believing in you. and not to get depressing or anything, but not everyone / not every season is going to be full of people chanting your name saying “you can do it!”

that was a sidenote. be your own cheerleader.

okay, but back to pep-talks.

as i started giving myself pep-talks, i started passing them off (via text + email) to my friends too. i noticed that as i passed on the pep-talks i started to feel less alone, because we were all in this dream chasing thing together.

sometimes, we just need that little reminder that someone else is fighting / believing / having faith / hoping for something, too. and that— makes us feel a little less alone knowing that we’re not the only ones wishing on shooting stars + hanging onto a dream for dear life.

over the past couple weeks, i’ve really been thinking about “if i could do anything all day, what would it be?” and honestly, as cliché as this answer may seem, i’d encourage the dreamer all day long. because, gosh — i know!! i know what it’s like to have a dream and sit in your car at a stop light sobbing your eyes out because you aren’t sure if you have the strength to carry it out. i know what it’s like to feel like you are completely unqualified to do this “thing”. i know what it’s like to feel like the world is buzzing by you and no one cares what the heck you are doing. i know. i’ve been there.

it’s the grace of God that i never gave up on my dream of coast to coast central. i came close — many times. trust me, i wanted to give up so badly. i wanted to walk away from everything and “be normal” — whatever that means. i don’t even know what normal is. but i thought an office job that was 9-to-5 would be nice. i thought a steady job that offered a consistent paycheck every two weeks would be heaven sent. i thought that doing something “safe” sounded like a better option that standing at the edge of a proverbial cliff of self-employment.

i remember sitting a stoplight— crying my eyes out. i probably had no make-up left on my face cause i had been crying so hard. i wanted to quit. so bad. but the depths of who i am, wouldn’t let me.

i am so glad i never quit. if i had gone home that night and quit — wild hearts co. wouldn’t be a thing. it wouldn’t exist and i would never have the opportunity to travel with my best friend to different cities meeting wild hearts who have a dream beating so vibrantly within their soul. i wouldn’t have the opportunity to be changed by the conversations that we have with the community that is being built. everything would be different. my life would be incomplete and i would feel so unfulfilled.

okay, here’s what all this is leading up to— i’m committed to the dreamer, to you. whatever your dream is — maybe you want to start a business, maybe you want to write a book, maybe you want to be a mama, maybe you want to be president of the US of A, maybe you want to travel the world and scope out the best coffee-shops, maybe you want to be a lawyer, maybe you want to be a human rights activist, maybe you want to [fill in the blank] — i want to be in your corner. i want to be your cheerleader. i want you to feel like you are never alone in this journey of making your dreams come true.

so here is my committment— to send you weekly pep-talks (on a wednesday). because the need for pep-talks is real. but what’s even more real is the need for your dream to surface into reality. the world needs you. the world needs your dream. the world needs you to keep pressing forward even when you feel like you’ve given all you can.

if you let me— i’d love to be on your side, in your corner, cheering you on! you can sign up for weekly pep-talks filling out these three boxes right down below.

okay, so here’s the three things i want you to take away from this read —

  1. you are never alone.
  2. be your own cheerleader (then be a cheerleader for someone else).
  3. don’t quit on your dream. hang on a little longer.

that’s it. let’s go chase dreams.
(p.s. next song you need to listen to right now — sunset lovers by petite biscuit.)